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Pacific Rim – Commode Water (2018) drops a load this month on DVD. Starring John Abadababoy-ah say-ah say booyah and MADTv alum Bobby Lee.

Calling all High Janitor Command! Custodial Engineers assemble!

Kaiju spotted off the West Coast. Hide the crack and the Sprite.




Cringe-worthy vs. Oscar worthy.

Hollywood has to travel back in time to re-write history in order to save the floundering fake news media. The Post (2017)is Meryl Streep’s and Tom Hank’s final gasp at relevancy. When Holier than Thou Ol’ Meryl isn’t sniffing the feces on her fingertips, she’s lavishing praises on pedophile Roman Polansky. Don’t forget how often she has blown Harvey Weinstein over the years, who she refers to as “God.”

Hollywood loves their child molesters.

Hollywood also loves and covers up for their favorite rapists like Weinstein and Co.

Meanwhile, Tom Hanks has donated to the likes of Al Franken and Anthony Weiner.

This is comedy in its purest form. The only thing missing from The Post is the deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman drinking martinis and choking on his own puke.

The liberal piss stream media must take precedence over reality, therefore other higher grossing movies won’t even get a nod at the Academy Awards this year.

GET OUT, Daniel Kaluuya, 2017. ©Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection


Twins separated at birth. Like peas in a pod.


Only a Chinaman can save the day.

Who are the bad guys in Jackie Chan’s “The Foreigner” (2017) set in modern-day England? White people of course, namely the now non-existent Irish Republican Party. No, the movie does not show normal mass murdering Muslims who are actually killing Englishmen every other day. Produced in Mainland China and distributed for liberal consumption around the globe, Chan’s latest kung fu flick is full of Who Flung Dung. As the critics say, the main problem with this movie is that isn’t set in the 1980’s.

The IRA decommissioned after the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001. In fact, the last IRA bombing was in 1996. It’s leaders have denounced violence and though still classified as a terrorist group in the UK, the IRA is no longer a paramilitary organization. Look at all the friendly homegrown Muslims running over English pedestrians month after month. With that in mind, actual Islamic terrorists still couldn’t be considered good action movie fodder for 60-year-old Jackie Chan and 64-year-old Pierce Brosnan.

God (Allah) forbid the dirty pirates taxiing over the dead bodies of British folk would be offended. How quickly the liberal media under the communist regime wants people to forget and accept an opposite reality. Islam equals murder. Sharia sanctions killing everything and everyone who disagrees with the Koran. And their biggest prize after killing Jews is killing white Christians walking down the street. London’s mayor Sadiq Khan practices this extreme religion.

London June 2017, Ariana Grande concert shooting.

Another Muslim drives over passersby.

The UK loves their Somali pirates running them down on the way to the park.

No apologies needed from London’s Islamist mayor Khan, who encourages the Muslim hordes to kill as many Westerners as their fundamentalist hearts desire. Socialists in the British Parliament are eager to place on welfare and house as many murdering refugees as the tiny island can feed. There are plenty of Infidels and Christians still left in the UK for the religion of peace to kill, when they aren’t tossing gays off rooftops and mutilating their daughters genitals.

Run over by Not-the-IRA, but by the IRANIAN.

ISIS in London thanks to the Labour Party and Mayor Khan.

Leftists love their Somalis beheading British soldiers on the streets in the UK. 

Why would you bring in millions of people who if they did wipe their asses,  use two fingers and a handful of rocks? Why would you allow in tens of thousands of AIDS infected rapists into your country? Why would you allow a Mosque to operate within walking distance of a Day Care? Why does every single movie produced with Chi-Com money ignore the real terrorist epidemic going on? Figure it out.


Netflix officially cancels House of Cards’ 6th season after allegations surfaced about Kevin Spacey trying to screw then 14-year old actor Anthony Rapp back in the 80’s. Spacey responded by coming out the closet for the umpteenth time, as if man-on-boy sex is acceptable to the gay community. No one gives a shit that Spacey is full-blown faggot. Now he faces the wrath of the Beverly Hills Gay Mafia elites in GLADD who don’t condone non-consensual and underage sex. He has crossed swords with the wrong fruitcakes by making them all look like predators.


Imagine how the straight cast of Superman Returns felt being sandwiched between two child molesters.

Tarsed buttholes are panic-stricken and swollen shut now that Tinsel Town has been caught covering up their well-known chi-mo epidemic. Hollywood’s pedophile extravaganza is in full deflection mode with the help of corrupt social media giants and sympathetic child rapists on CNN. On October 30, 2017 Columbia University students showed their true colors during a protest against a Right-Wing speaker. NAMBLA and Antifa would be proud.

Child molesters and the Democrat Party go hand-in-hand.

The majority of gays and switch-hitters in Hollywood are not child molesters. But people in fly over country need to understand what has been going on for decades: several prominent talent agencies have been procuring children for sex, while the Hollywood homosexual community has remained silent. This is identical to the Muslim population not speaking out against radical Islam. Their politics trump common decencies. Rosie O’ Donnell and George Clooney personally know every rapist and pedophile in the business; they’ve zipped their mouths and put their careers above the Law. That’s why they’re such big-hearted Democrat donors.

When Kevin Spacey is on a movie set, he’s trying to fuck every man under 30; when he is off the set he is fucking teen age boys.

Kevin Spacey (who’s net worth is over $100 million) is your typical life-long homosexual Democrat, i.e. he hates America, he hates rednecks, he loves little boys, and he loves Obama. Spacey’s brother blames the pedophillic disorder on their “neo-Nazi” father molesting them. After a stint in rehab, Kevin blames alcohol and the teen age boys underessing themselves and throwing themselves into his bed.

Rapp gets raped, as Hollywood’s pedophilia cover up comes crashing down, like a house of cards.

One rapist to another.


Straight from the Confucian Institutes and paid for by the Communist State Security- it’s another global warming disaster movie.

China might save the planet in every single recent sci-fi movie, but communism can’t keep this $120 million piece of shit out of the General Dollar bargain bin. Geostorm (2017) is another colossal load of crap written entirely for the communist Chinese regime and audiences. It is based on the regurgitated climate control lie that the free market system is incompatible with Mother Earth. Check out the fake Chinese space stations; they’re the same ones the Chinese media tells their population exists.

Chinese movie goers can enjoy America being destroyed over and over thanks to Jerry Bruckheimer and company.

The box office failure of Geostorm is not only its global warming propaganda, but the screenwriting hatchet job of Hollywood-based Chinese censors. When the movie’s budget began to flounder, producers put it hold for 2 years while they groveled at the feet of their Beijing money masters who then dictated the movie’s storyline. Horrible Chinese characters were added and the movie reshot multiple times for release on the mainland. The original director was dumped for Jerry Bruckheimer, and even his inate ability to make borderless tongue-in-cheek action movies couldn’t save the shit storm from tanking.

That sounds familar, Kemosabe…

The result of the Geostorm clusterfuck is two separate movies, one for the East and one for the West, both equally unwatchable. According to Collider, ‘Geostorm’ Will Probably Be One of 2017’s Biggest Flops…

After sitting on the shelf for almost two years, Geostorm finally opened last weekend and received a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes and only pulled in $66.8 million. With a reported budget of $120 million plus $15 million for reshoots, the film would needed to make $300 to $350 million just to break even according to The Wrap. (Source: Collider)

Never talk about Tiananmen Square, Taiwan, and Tibet.

Geostorm starring Daniel Wu, co-starring Gerald Butler and other nonessential capitalist Westerners. He teach you how to love the environment and kill Buddhist monks.

Obey the Central Government or will we destroy your cities!

That’s some scary shit cuz Boo can’t swim, eeeeerps.

Ever notice places like Nairobi and Mexico City never get a good cleaning in disaster movies? And God-forbid if any Muslim holy site or small village in mainland China was wiped off the map by natural causes.

Another fake Chinese space program.

Hollywood relies on CGI to depict the 3rd World Communist cesspool’s space shuttle launch. The only satellite trajectory technology China has obtained was given to them by Bill Clinton in 1999. (Source: New York Times).

The Clinton Administration notified Congress today that it had approved the export of technology to China to permit the launching of a communications satellite aboard a Chinese rocket next month.

President Clinton said in a letter to Congress that the transfer would not harm national security or significantly improve China’s military capability in space. The President was required under a 1998 law to certify that all such technology exports are in the national interest.

The certification was the first such notice to Congress under the law, which was passed in the aftermath of a Congressional uproar last year over the transfer of sensitive missile technology to China.

Mr. Clinton’s notification also follows by less than a week the release of a report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which concluded that lax monitoring of the launching of American-made satellites aboard Chinese rockets had enhanced the accuracy of China’s ballistic missile arsenal.