Daytime broadcast TV targets welfare recipients

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What’s in your wallet?

What is up with daytime television on the Big 4 broadcast stations? We’ve gotten to the point in this country that the government gives away High Definition antennas to lazy households on food stamps so they can watch more mindless rot in 1080i resolution. Shit shows like Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, Maury Povich, etc. sprang out of the sewer in the earlier 1990’s only to be succeeded by the likes of Divorce Court, Judge Mathis and other ghetto-esque “rule of law” syndications.

Is this Black Justice? For real?


Gary Coleman gets divorced as grandma watches on. 

We all know Jerry Springer, et al scraped the bottom of the barrel, but now Hollywood tries to legitimize people with 3rd grade educations wearing the robe of a JUDGE. There are several courtroom-themed shows out there but nothing is as a bad as the babbling ghetto-speak of “Judge” Lynn Toler. This idiot is as inarticulate as the scum that appears on the show. She hoots and hollers like a caricature of herself as she reprimands the defendants in self-proclaimed indignation.

Is it Divorce Court or Yo Gabba Gabba?

Judge Toler is designed to appeal to the welfare population lying around their government subsidized homes on a government subsidized mortgage, eating their government subsidized Church’s Fried Chicken, swigging government subsidized ice tea while popping out illegitimate kids diagnosed with A.D.D. who can’t add or read or write, but who do get government subsidized checks for being so stupid in school.

Oh yes I did!

Watch Divorce Court on the ONYD Network.


"Oh no you didn't grab her by her nappy ass weave..."         "Bitch don't make me..."


White Trash Justice? AKA Polly Dactyl on the Tube. 

The inbreeding continues…

Move over Jenny Jones, there’s a new legitimate news bitch in town to parasite on the misery of others. Her name is Nancy Grace. And she is as graceful as the fattest gazelle. She loves to champion homeless white trash drug addicts from Kentucky who can be picked up along side of the road to Chicago and driven to her studios. Listen to her rants and watch her crazy eyes all over CNN and other worthless stations.

To cater to the poor uneducated souls beyond what normal people would see as pure Family Carnival circus freaks, Tru TV brings us Operation Repo and All Worked Up along with other staged episodes of fake white trash doing white trash things.


What the hell are you?

What kind of society have we become when instead of locking these people in a cave somewhere and feeding them through a hole in the ground, Hollywood actually broadcasts this shit around the world and into outer space for Christ’s SAKE!!!

Tru TV. Doing more for unemployed trailer trash than Obama, the Federal Government and Kid Rock combined. Don’t forget the reality pawn shops were these people get their high school diplomas.

Filmed in the San Fernando Valley and pretending to take place elsewhere, this show is as dumb as it gets; these two idiots actually speak on camera. If you met them in real life, you would run them over, back up and do it again.

People, what have we come to when Americans think this entertaining?
  1. Matt says:

    Ha!Ha! No one is going to comment cause they’re afraid of being called racist, but I do agree about daytime tv being ghetto and worthless.

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