Hollywood: the “entertainment” industry is now completely owned and operated by the Politburo of the Communist Party in mainland China. 

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Yeah right. These fuckers.

Sick of talentless hacks preaching liberalism while fucking up every movie they’re in?

Sick of Hollywood turning good stories into bad movies?

Sick of good movies being remade because Hollywood has run out of original ideas?

Sick of the whole vampires and zombies genre? Sick of the same plot that explains vampirism  and zombism as being caused by treatable genetic blood disorders, replacing supernatural themes with Hollywood’s homosexual theology?


Eddie Murphy can now play a vampire.

Brad Pitt gets the job in Tom Cruise’s queer ass Interview with a Vampire.

Sick of misogynistic storylines that glorify human suffering, like Saw and other godless cinematic atrocities? The likes of Hostel and other cheap filth are nothing short of snuff movies.

Sick of stupid shit?

Would you rather pay to watch Quentin Tarantino get kicked up to his duodenum? Is Tarantino really the highest ” talent” Hollywood has to offer?

Hollywood continues to pump out the same bilge from the Left Coast’s cloacal abyss. Their soulless drug-induced stupor creates the most convoluted plots, mismatched characters, and obligatory liberal themes. It is the same cookie-cutter scenario nearly every single time: unqualified actors, bad scripts, the same villain in every movie, and basically just a big pile of steaming pony loaf. They actual give each other awards for this shit.

Going to the movies used to be a means of escape, adventure and relaxation, food for thought even. Now the moviegoer is gambling on whether they will walk out of the theater pissed off or pissed on. Today we have the J.J. Abrams and John Waters copycats who were allowed to skip director’s classes at Berkley altogether and produce some of the worst garbage to ever hit the cinema.


Can our actors eat their own feces? Use drug addicts and trannies!

They think they are “creative” because they cater to the inane idea of “mass appeal.” It is called the Dumbing Down of America and it began with Roger Ebert’s master thesis and rape montage Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (collaborated on with perv Russ Meyers). This liberal lard ass has been giving the thumbs up to some of the most putrid crap ever put to film.


Russ and Roger celebrate a shit 1970 screenplay of drugs, murder and transgenderism.

They think trannies eating dog turds in Pink Flamingoes is “art.” They think Christians and Muslims lived side by side a thousand years ago in Kingdom of Heaven. They think Oliver Stone’s mushroom enhanced hallucinations of the Vietnam era are accurate. They think rappers are capable of carrying a storyline. Most of them think the US military actually is the bad guy like in 90% of their movies. And the whole world is watching. No wonder Al Qaeda wants to kill us; they should play “Ebert’s A List” in Gitmo. These fruitcakes think they know what red-blooded Americans want to pay money to see.

Hollywood looks beyond the actor’s ability and focuses on “the message.” The message is clear: Hollywood is on drugs and sucks. Who thought 30 years ago that a well articulated Rob Zombie fart would be critically acclaimed?

There isn’t enough Internet bandwidth to randomly ask why Hollywood continues to suck:

  • Remember when Lt. Worf was to marry Counselor Deanna Troi on Star Trek TNG?  And when the Enterprise had to slow down to Warp 8 to save the Space Time Continuum? Who wrote this intergalactic mess after Gene Roddenberry’s untimely demise? Why wasn’t Wesley Crusher killed off in a tractor beam? Remember the planet of American Indians the Federation wanted to remove?  Was that episode James Cameron’s inspiration for the childish Avatar?  Star Trek became the mental equivalent to Louis and Clark when men stopped writing the script.
 Some of Hollywood’s greatest moments in science fiction.
  • Some men do no better. Why did George Lucas cast that arrogant little prick as Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader? Why couldn’t Han Solo shoot first during the cantina scene in the Star Wars reissue?

“Luke, don’t let George Lucas turn me into a teenage

asshole in the prequels.”

“You go tell Jabba I’ve been edited.”

  • Why was Superman gay in the last Superman Returns movie?
  • Who thinks “This ain’t no bank robbery” is a good line for Denzel?
  • Who goes to a Jason Statham movie for the dialogue? Rocky V fans?
  • Who’s been waiting for Hollywood to remake Gone With the Wind with Josh Hartnett and Julia Stiles?  Her deep man voice next to his fake Virginian drawl. “Frankly my dear Scarlett, I just don’t give a damn, uh rah.”

There are idiots in Hollywood who think Common and Ryan Reynolds can actually act; who thought casting Will Smith as Jim West (Wild Wild Mess) would reboot the franchise; and putting piss poor American actors in a Renaissance period piece (eg. Jessica Biel in The Illusionist) would save a foreign script. The list goes on and on. These people CANNOT ACT. And Common (short for “Common Cents”) cannot even speak coherently with slipping into ghetto babble. Actually, Will Smith can act (see Six Degrees of Separation and I am Legend) but Hollywood usually expects him to reprise his Fresh Prince role. Any movie Smith does a rap song for is an indicator the whole thing will suck, i.e. I Robot.

“Yo, welcome to errrrp.”

Want real movie reviews from a real movie buff? Well, if you like your first peek at current movies to be to the point and brutally honest, then this is the site for you. Get a real man’s critique; not the opinion of some syndicated corporate shill or California-based mental midget with a drug habit.

And yes, the music business is just as bad. Waterheaded inbreds, monkeys on crack, overpaid nobodys, and a cacophany of shrill liberal bitches who belong in the arms of ISIS.


Transgendered performers promoted by sick record labels.

Folks, most movies today are bad, so before you shell out $12 bucks a pop, travel down the Hollywood Walk of Shame for the latest scoop on what sucks and what doesn’t. If a movie is good, it will be reported here with an explanation as to why, juxtaposed over movies that stink. Think of it as a public service before you stand in line at the ticket booth.


And you never have to listen to retarded sputum.

Hollywood’s prime financiers of shitty movies and music, courtesy of the Democrat Party.


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