Rendition (2007): a terrorist love story

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If it’s good for America, then it’s bad for Democrats.

Rendition (2007) is another Muslim sympathy piece based on implausible events design to attack the CIA treatment of overseas terror suspects. The movie is well-acted by today’s standards, even shit sniffer Meryl Streep pulls off a heavy handed CIA director, indifferent to the civil rights of an Egyptian green-card holder or his bereaved and pregnant wife.

Fact: Hollywood loves terrorists and rapists.

If only the government didn’t capitulate to the precious rights of Islamic fundamentalists around the world.

Sympathy for the terrorists.

Rendition (2007) follows the story of a sympathetic CIA desk jockey sent to observe an American-raised Egyptian national being waterboarded by Egyptian authorities. A rag tag group of radicalized teen rag heads target the head interrogator, but only because they are in love with his estranged 20-something year old daughter. The movie portrays their terrorist recruitment as if it were some sort of protest rally at Berkley. Hollywood empathizes with real life terrorists by trying to put a human face on crazy Islamist extremism. Liberals also equivocate on Islamic terrorism by trying to equate the West as the progenitor of extremism. Liberals believe there are socioeconomic reasons behind Muslim terrorism, i.e. they just need welfare programs and vote for Democrats. Cutting taxes is equivalent to cutting infidels heads off to every Hollywood Democrat.

Hollywood has to wag the dog to keep current Egyptian reality at bay.

Work related violence has nothing to do with someone’s religion, unless the perp is a Christian.


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