The Wizard of Puke

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Sami Raimi sometimes makes movies for pedophiles. His Spider-Man trilogy and bogus Wizard of Oz sequel are good examples. Despite Raimi playing the nerd in real life, he is capable of making decent flicks. He actually has cinematic vision. Yet he periodically has to scratch Hollywood’s child molester itch and produce garbage that is so horribly acted, we wonder how he stays in business. Following the pattern of a paroled molester, like clockwork Raimi reverts back to hanging out with the little Hollywood kids he thinks are big box office draws, casting the likes of James Franco and Mila Kunis, neither of which could carry a movie through the opening credits. They’re idiots. Raimi has insulated himself so far from reality he doesn’t know that even regular folks expect the actors in the movie to actually be able TO ACT. $100 million in special effects and a good script won’t save a movie from retarded actors.

What do we need to say here? James Franco’s horrible stoned acting and Raimi instructed facial contortions is simply pathetic. It’s like Franco is getting screwed up the butt through out the entire movie and enjoying it. It’s embarrassing. It’s gay. No, it’s worse than gay, it is Chi-Mo fodder dreamed up by Raimi to please the pedophile crowd. There’s “winkies,” and “tinkies;” ding dongs and diddlers all through out this CGI nightmare. If Franco’s character is a closet homosexual, then have the courage to tell parents in advance before they sit through it.

Then in steps flat chested Mila Kunis, looking like the 11 year old girl she really is, opening her lines with her usual nasally New Jersey whore accent — light years away from the fictitious Land of Oz.  Kunis doesn’t mind being passed around in various three-ways and positions like a kidnapped 6th grader.

It begs the question: who the Hell are these people? and who loans them the money to hire these shit head child actors and make this shit? Directors like Sam Raimi who sells this vomit, thinking we are too stupid to see the perverted Hollywood undertones.


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