Circus Freak Nation

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Welcome friends, Romans and circus freaks to prime time cable television…I hope you like crap.

There’s nothing wrong with having a tattoo. There’s something wrong when that tattoo covers your face. [insert Mike Tyson]

There’s something wrong when a girl allows a random dirtbag to use a dirty AIDS infected needle to cover her body with Hepatitis laced ink.

They call them “tramp stamps” for a reason. Having tattoos up and down the arm and neck don’t make you a rock star; they make you a minimum wage worker the remainder of your life.

“Welcome to Hefty Leopards, would you like fries with that?”

The world goes really wrong when Hollywood makes reality shows that feature this type of white trash. These people would otherwise be working in machine shops or pumping gas, all of which is perfectly OK, but nothing to aspire to be. Except Hollywood is on a mission to pump as much filthy white trash into our culture, to dumb their viewers down to the point they think Kid Rock is a goldmine.

To catch up with the Kardashians and the E! Channel’s genetic waste on celluloid, sit-com-esque shows like these wind up on once respectable channels such as AMCThe History Channel and yes ladies even the TLC network:

  • Miami Ink
  • (spin offs ) New York Ink and Transgenered Nazi Ink
  • Tennessee Uber Trash
  • S.O.B’s in the Swamp with Guns
  • Porn Shop Heroes Las Vegas
  • 3 Girls and a Pit Bull
  • Cow Town Repo

The perfect Hollywood wedding, though the couples’ genitals are mutilated, they are both enact and hetero.

The producers of this garbage actually think the daily social lives of random white trash makes for good filler in between Burger King commercials. Which is good advertisement, being that if it wasn’t for Hollywood, the losers in these reality shows would be flippin’ Big Macs. The people on these show aren’t normal; they’re goddamn heroin addicts hiding their needle marks.

Come to Miami and jab a pin through your scrotums

Steer your kids away from shows like these. Garbage such as this is teaching our children that looking like prison fodder is hip. The mating ritual of the three-toed sloth on the Discovery Channel is more interesting than these walking, talking abortions promoted by Hollywood. Unfortunately all these history and science networks have been infiltrated by FAKE TV. Their collective goal is to make the perverse the norm. Reality television is now a sideshow and participants, viewers and sponsors should be treated like the human anomalies of lore; that is locked in a cage, fed through a hole and periodically sprayed for lice.

Tru Tv. Truly disgusting. Truly stupid. Truly worthless.

  1. - says:

    Both poorly written and poorly judged. You’re harboring prejudice on something you’ve misunderstood completely.

    Open your mind you negative fuck.

    • Mad Max says:

      Thanks anyway for the attempt to enlighten the rest of us normal folk.
      Let me guess…one of the pictures is of your boyfriend.
      Don’t go jabbing a pin through your ‘nads there Mr. Spirtual Weiner.
      It could get infected and make your butt secks uncomfortable.

      • -- says:

        Because homophobia is so much more fitting than tattoos, eh? Do you realize how much weaker your arguments are with the assumptions you use? Where you’re trying to punish their poor choices as some branch of poor education, the only person who’s being presented as uneducated is yourself.

        I’m trying to help you form some sort of respectable argument, where yours is unfounded otherwise.

      • Mad Max says:

        Tattoo freaks who “punish” themselves present themselves as uneducated minimum-wage white trash. They have the God-given right to flip burgers, sling drinks at the strip club and sweep dirty restrooms the rest of their freakish lives. That is how society sees them. Society is not a prison. There is no assumption that they look like shit convicts when the tats go all the way up the neck and scalp, and across the fingers.
        It is their choice. They want to look that way; they did it to themselves. Why would a beautiful woman deface her body unless it was some form of mental illness or she was a switch-hitter?
        Must be something in the Californian water supply to make 20-somethings think that they are getting even with their parents by mutilating their bodies.

        Looking like a convict is not cool; looking like the 1% is way cool.

        Our point is that there shouldn’t be shows promoting white trash as normal professional behavior that will get you a good job. That is unless you want to live in the Obama Welfare States of Circus Soleili and bitch about not being able to afford your own condoms and drug paraphernalia.

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