Transformers: Age of the Migraine

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Hollywood and Michael Bay pay their greatest homage to communist China in their latest adaptation of the Hasbro slave-labor toy line. Poisonous plastic action figures are farmed out of Chinese child labor camps as fast as the next Transformers movie.

Transformers: Age of Extinction  is no exemption, clocking in over 2 hours and 45 minutes of epileptic seizure inducing CGI. Mark Wahlberg actually “acts” in this one against the backdrop of Texas and Hong Kong. But a computer generated nightmare of this magnitude requires groveling at the feet of their communist masters, and Hollywood goes over the top to pay for this installment’s $200+ million budget.

Synopsis: The bad guys are patriotic Americans of the industrial-political class who want to protect the planet and save lives from the collateral damage of giant robot wars.  The good guys are the perfectly responsible “central government” and well organized communist Chinese Red Shirts who graciously loaned Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures the capital to produce this propaganda. Hollywood eagerly offers blank script pages to Beijing in exchange for access to the mainland. They literally allow the Chinese government to edit their movies to show communism in the best light possible. Murdering Communist dictatorships and Hollywood traitors go hand-in-hand in their on screen socialist Utopia.

Meanwhile back in reality, pro-West protesters in Hong Kong prepare to be crushed under the treads of Chinese tanks, simply for wanting more freedom of the press.

hong kong protest

(courtesy: Bloomberg)

Remember, America = bad. China = good. It’s always the same with the Hollywood left, and getting worse each passing Oscar season. Liberals pretend they care about “democracy,” but all they really care about is the Chinese money to make their box office flops and the cheap labor needed to earn their royalties.

tibet_execution_3     hong-kong-pepper-spray-protests



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