Chinese Military saves world in Arrival (2016)

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Thank you Hollywood for the depicting the all mighty and caring Chinese military saving the planet yet again from American right-wing talk radio. Arrival (2016) was quickly scripted for the Chinese mainland market and to the retarded Democrats who hate democracy and freedom. The original story was stolen from Chinese-American sci-fi writer Ted Chiang.


In this latest homage to Mao, the Chi-Com military is portrayed as an unstoppable force of good, much more powerful than anything the free-world has ever produced. They rally a coalition of nations after 12 strange objects appear around the world. The US is just a belligerent, stumbling, and confused child needing the guidance of their communist masters. In fact, a Rush Limbaugh-type radio host convinces some of American’s finest to blow up one of the alien ships before contact can be made.

Like their communist counterparts on Earth, the kind aliens only want to share their technology with the planet. It takes a last minute change of heart of General Shang to change the course of history, when he lays down his arms for the benefit of mankind.


Only the wisdom and kindness of a Chinese general can save us.


Meanwhile, the Chinese military returns to Hong Kong to crush protesters under the treads of their tanks, and harvest the organs of pro-Democracy dissidents.


Hollywood screenwriters never show the reality of living under a communist regime.




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