How the industry killed the music, with examples

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Rock & Roll died in the 1980’s for a reason: the screaming liberals at MTV promoting a promiscuous gay lifestyle combined with the greedy lowlife record companies pumping out Simple Simon for pennies on the dollar.

Heavy Metal ceased to exist overnight. Heartfelt country ballads became a thing of the past, replaced with either completely retarded inbred types or effeminate queerwads like Keith Urban. Swinging R&B was replaced with black ignorance and ghetto filth. Radio pop turned into the celebration of being a loser through Grunge. Hard Rock turned into speed metal thrash garbage. Easy listening turned into dissonance and a cacophony of noise. Rebellious punk rock turned into liberal crybaby mantras. Grown-ass men donned eye makeup and fruity lace to appear MAINSTREAM. Masculine American male voices belting out testosterone fueled lyrics backed by rockin’ guitar were castrated by British homosexual whining and drum machines. Talent was left on the wayside only to be replaced with absolute garbage.

Thank you MTV for broadcasting this shit to the nearest galaxies.

Who wouldn’t want to exterminate the human race?

Beginning in the late 1980’s, the music industry did not take the bands they signed seriously; the goal was to transform the lowest form of human debris into the average consumer by appealing to the stupidest among us. They targeted children. They went after the welfare recipients’ money as eager as shady late-nite television evangelists. Every street corner heralded a wannabe rapper and every State School contained the next Garth Brooks. With the invention of music video television and the mass marketing of shit, the music of Western Civilization turned into shit. No record company 30 years prior would sign dogshit like “Poison” much less spend money to actually promote it on air. Unfortunately, the average rock purveyor (age 11) bought into the false notion that these were actual rock stars. Lip syncing was not only accepted but a requirement for the Milli Vanillis of the world. We could go on for pages on this topic, but why waste more Internet bandwidth on this shit?

The Death Knell of Rock, courtesy Bret Michaels, Enigma Capital Records, and MTV.

Driving the nail into a once enjoyable genre.

White trash is mainstream.

80’s glam hair bands doin’ what they do.

How country music stars are made these days.

Second question: How much heroin do you need to do this?

What the F are they thinking?

More white trash anthems from some of the ugliest creatures on the planet…

…. well maybe not as ugly as the Danes biggest export. Jesus help us.


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