Breaking Godzilla

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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 Another bad batch of crystal meth? And some dinosaurs ATE IT ALL? Oh NOOOooo!!!


Bryan Cranson and the Bad Actors Guild to the rescue.

Just look at these pathetic Godzilla (2014) trailers. It has cry baby liberalism all over it. Hollywood fucks things up again with yet ANOTHER environmental disaster yarn spun for the simple minds of liberals on drugs to feel guilty about. The premise: Godzilla shits all over South East Asia because man has disturbed his sleep with all our silly technology and civilizations. Shame on you mankind. Let sleeping monsters lie and stop all your fracking and drilling for oil to sustain your 21th Century lifestyle and George McGovern-lite democracies. Top this movie off with the other half of the anorexic Olson twins alongside the fruitcake from Kick Ass, and you got a movie that smells like Godzilla’s dick.

Imagine a British puffer pretending  to be a bad ass US Soldier of all things. Keeping his mother’s married name, nobody nothing actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson pulls off his best/worst performance since 2008’s Anus, Thongs, and Perfect Snoggings. It seems even the Brits have their fair share of piss ant child actors, many of which are now being deported thanks to Russell Brand and his ilk.

There is nothing left to say. This movie is rehashed, crybaby horse shit. 15 minutes of the same old CGI action and over one hour of weepy touchy-feely garbage. Hollywreck has been using the same mold for the last 20 years, with the same actors playing the same roles, still sucking, still playing in the same character they did in the Boring Identity and other disaster movies. At least Pacific Rim was fun; mindless but fun and full of action. This Godzilla rehash is the typical shit they wanted to be.


time to cook


Malcolm, it’s time to cook some crystal meth. 


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