Red Dawn reboot is Chi-Com friendly

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In the Red Dawn reboot, the invading country is from CHINA NORTH KOREA?

WTF? Hollywood replaces Chinese invaders with North Koreans in the new Red Dawn after filming the flick in its entirety with Chinese forces. We guess America owes so much money to Kim Jung Il, that this shit is plausible? Hollywood’s hypocrisy and Idiocracy shines through.

North Korea is the new world menace with its capabilities to bring the moon to Pyongyang, for colonization. And Hollywood wants you to believe the shit, so they have conducted their own ‘self censorship.’

No wait, America actual owes trillions to the Beijing… again WTF Hollywood? Why destroy a movie before it hits the editing floor? Hollywood, we love your logic. You think Americans can’t tell the difference between well-fed Chinese actors and starving North Korean soldiers. A couple of strategically changed overdubs, and you have the Red Menace rearing its head from Pyongyang’s prison state. Wow.

MGM studios has bowed under the pressure of its communist masters to digitally erase all the Chinese flags and soldiers from the upcoming remake of the Swazye classic Red Dawn. Movie producer Tripp Vinson reminds us American moviegoers that the Red Chinese may get upset by depicting the murderous communist regime as unfriendly to the US. “American media dollars are at stake” with the Chinese military being subsidized by American taxpayers and the debt we owe to China. Instead, Hollywood wants to pick a fight with tiny backwards piece of shit North Korea. The People’s Republic of North Korea now in Hollywood’s drug-infected mind is capable of invading Detroit, even though PRNK can’t feed its own people, much less poor piss out of an Army boot.

Ah so sorry, Gilligan, but this is my island.

MGM communist executives are officially in bed with the Red Chinese, whitewashing the Marxist authoritarian regime and equivocating to the largest actual threat the American people face. Hollywood would face the punitive response of the Chi-Coms not distributing the movie into the mainland, so they choose to have a 6’3’’ Chris Hemsworth have a shoot out with some starving 4 ft tall North Koreans. Well, actually digitally altered North Koreans going it alone.

The fact is Communist China is the greatest threat to human democracy, freedom and technology the world has ever seen. And we feed their military with the interest on the money Hollywood’s minions in Congress borrow from them. Not only does our own federal government rape us each April 15th, but the homegrown socialist traitors we elect borrow money from foreign dictatorships, like China, to pay off their buddies back in the states, who got them elected to begin with. Meanwhile, we send billions of our dollars back overseas to unfriendly hell holes that sponsor terrorism against the United States. What’s next? Would Hollywood rather have friendly democracies such as Israel, Tibet or Taiwan be portrayed as the hostile countries that invades us in the movies? Oh yeah, they’ve already done that, too.

Fuck the Chinese.

China wants to nuke democracies such as Taiwan, Japan, and yes the United States. Fucking traitors in Haawree-wood want to make a buck or two on the backs of the Dali Lama and Feng Shui for Christ’s sake!!! The Chinese government bans movies about time travel and reincarnation, Skype and YouTube.

No “Back to the Future” in mainland China, goddamn idiots.

Well, communists are communists, be it from China, North Korea, the Whitehouse, Hollywood, or the planet QBert. Expect Red Dawn (whenever it’s released) to be as plausible as Team America World Police. Watch out Hollywood, the Wolverines love kicking commie ass, so maybe they’ll be heading for your sunny beaches next.

The Hollywood Walk of Shame recommends all red blooded American patriots boycott this movie to send a message to MGM Studios: think about the American moviegoer when you contemplate your overseas box office revenue. Stop making movies for “everyone” and bowing to foreign communist dictatorships (like President Obama does), you pieces of shit.

  1. John says:

    goddam right, u fem-lib faggot. We will nuke u too one day

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