Small town security is Breaking Bad for reality TV

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Breaking Bad. It’s just good family fun.

Hollywood has had their seven wishes granted. White Trash is now on prime time to show the welfare population how to make crystal meth and have sexual relations with their next of kin. Rumor has it that smart people actually follow the AMC distraction called “Breaking Bad” and promote it as, as entertaining as the Sopranos. This is doubtful. Nonetheless, the whore of a mother Anna Gunn who screws every pool boy and pool  player in the redneck county ( a la, the typical guest on the Maury Povich Show needing ostracism by an audience also on welfare). Where does the cancer, incest, and crystal meth begin?—-well, let’s just say Breaking Bad is the inbred soap opera designed to make Americans think that the white trash lifestyle is the new normal. Hence, vote for Obama, even though your lily white ancestors hated brown people. It’s Hollywood’s version of the Modern Family.

White trash have another hero to champion in Bryan Cranston (former dad on Malcolm in the Middle), whilst his fat slut wife blows all the bikers and coke heads who stop by her house each week. The only solution for a High School chemistry teacher turned with stage III cancer is to cook crystal meth for scooter trash and tweakers.

Makes sense to Hollywood.

AMC travels even further down the cloacal abyss with more fake reality shows than on TruTV. These actors are hired to portray Southerners as completely useless and retarded. 40 minutes + commercials are Obama Filler used to placate the mindless masses into thinking people are really this stupid in real life.

“Somebody call my agent…AMC is running out of white trash roles.”


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