Terrorists grow orchards in “Lemon Tree”

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Seinfeld co-creator Larry David “it’s a show about nothing.”

Question: What’s a Jew’s favorite wine?

Answer: “I wanna go to Florida, waaaaaaaaah…”

Wormy liberals of European-Jewish descent are part of a Hollywood clique who try to ‘out Jew’ the next Jew in line for a supporting role. By “out Jew,” we mean scrape further and further into the bottom of the barrel or steal someone else’s ideas to dumb it down into complete meaninglessness. Their self-deprecating humor and annoying outlook on life culminates into the likes of Larry David from Curb Your Unenthusiasm, or other attention seeking Israeli haters such as John Finklestein Leibowitz, a.k.a John Stewart. These Godless morons rake in millions simply by being in front of the camera. They spit on the true 20th century geniuses of Jewish ancestry such as Henry Kissinger and Alexander Fleming, et al. Put these Nobel Peace Prize winners up against the likes of Barbara Streisand and Roseann Barr.


Then there are the thieving Jews like Fred Roggin host and producer of copy-cat Top Secret Television, yet another stolen formula from douchebag Bob Saget’s machinations on America’s Funniest Videos.  Top Secret TV is and was basically another “show about nothing” featuring stolen video clips used on every single other Bloopers and basic cable TV show. What a fucking genius Roggin must be, to have thought this would be a good idea. He took another person’s washed up TV pilot, dumbed it down further, slapped his moniker on it, and put it on the air—WHY? because  the advertisers would to flock to him like ragheads to Mecca? Or better yet, like a pack of Palestinians with a handful of rocks?

Liberal Hollywood Jews are the complete antithesis of their patriotic counterparts found in Israeli American society. They pat themselves on the back for being the ones who do nothing, give nothing and provide the least entertainment in society, while getting paid to do NOTHING. Their biblical predecessors would be horrified at this current lot’s nonexistent work ethic. The further they push the envelope of uselessness, the prouder of their non-accomplishments they are. This how we wind up with the Sammy and Pauly Shores of the world. Absolutely fucking useless.


Sammy Shore, a zero before Mel Brooks. Why won’t they just die?

If they aren’t promoting complete worthlessness, squawking out like a retarded Eddie Deezen/Bob Saget/Jerry Lewis/ Afflac duck, then they take their self deprecating humor to the extreme, a la Richard Lewis and Sarah Silverman. Hollywood is a culture away from God and these Hollywood Jews even go so far as to publicly blame Israel for the current Mid East tension. To them, it is the Mother of All self deprecating jokes to defecate on and simultaneously push the tiny democracy of Israel out of existence.


They think it is “their collective genius,” when it fact their mistaken outlook on the Middle East is going to get us all killed. They are proud liberals who vote for and support the same politicians who would escort them to the gas chambers… and they chuckle and stuff their pockets all the way to their Homeland’s slaughter. Or make a career joking about their genetalia like Sarah Silverman.

Lemon Tree (2009), an independent liberal film by suicidal Jewish filmmaker Eran Riklis, is based upon fictitious and anti-Israeli propaganda designed to be sympathetic to the terrorist Palestinian cause. The story is supposedly about a benign Palestinian widow defending her lemon grove from the Israeli Minister of Defense who moves in next door and threatens to cut the trees down.

The actual synopsis of the story is meaningless because it is completely fabricated and out of touch with the reality of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. In reality, Palestinians living in Israeli are the only free Muslims in the entire Middle East. Their charter and religion is simple: kill as many Jews as possible. There is no reasoning with fanatical animals locked in the 5th Century, hence modern day Israeli soldiers shoot these cowards in the streets like the stray dogs they are. If Palestinians choose to live in peace and prosperity, like 99% of Muslims do in Israel, then they are free to practice their cut throat religion on their own children. They just aren’t allowed to blow up anything.

Due to liberal Israeli politics backed by Bill Clinton in the 1990’s, Palestinians on welfare were moved into the affluent Israeli neighborhoods along the West Bank. Sound familiar? History is rewritten for the sake of Hollywood’s consumption with Palestinian actress Hiam Abbass’ playing the part of a defenseless terrorist-widow woman who simply wants to grow some lemon bushes. In reality, the Minister of Defense played by Doron Tavory was trying to keep the so-called orchard from being a launching ground for militant rockets against Israeli school children. This movie is just another litany of lies designed for the annihilation of the Israeli state. Unfortunately it is produced by an Israeli born movie producer.

Filmmakers such as Eran Riklis are the quintessential terminally ill-fated Jewish activist. They actively participate in the destruction of their own Jewish democracy. Movies such as Lemon Tree are designed to promote a Palestinian terrorist philosophy of overrunning the tiny Israeli country (the only democracy in the Middle East), slaughtering the Jewish people and replacing it with the Palestinian version of terror, Jihad and Shariah Law.

Palestinians celebrated in the streets after 9-11. Palestinian sympathizers such as Riklis and other slimy liberal Hollywood elitists (i.e. Robert Redford, Michael Moore, et al) celebrate this tripe as refreshing independent filming. We at the Hollywood Walk of Shame wouldn’t wipe our asses on this celluloid propaganda. The only thing Palestinians plant on the West Bank are bombs. Period. (and it’s called JUDEA, from the Bible—not the “West Bank”—You know what JUDEA means? It means Land of Israel a.k.a the Jewish Homeland  from 10,000 years ago you fukin’ retard)

Where does it say Palestine? Where?

May Hollywood continue to wave the flag of the bottom feeder.

  1. vic says:

    I’m confused. You support Israel, but hate the Jews and criticize some of them for supporting Palestinians and you criticize them for being self hating?

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