Murder, She Scribbled

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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MURDER-SHE-WROTE_  pajama-boy

Pajama Boy likes a good murder mystery.

NBC reports it will be rebooting the classic mystery series Murder, She Wrote, casting the Obama Phone Lady in the lead role as novelist Jessica Fletcher. The original series ran over 12 years starting in 1984 and starred famed British actress Angela Lansbury. Following Hollywood’s negative opposite reciprocal, NBC replaces the Academy Award winner with the version they think can most motivate people to sign up for Obama Care and other government freebies. In other words, they collectively wipe their asses on common sense and good taste.

angela-lansbury        halfway home

Lansbury calls the reboot a “mistake” in an interview with AP. (Source Huffington Post) We couldn’t agree more. Characters who can’t read or write probably couldn’t solve a murder, even if they sat in the front seat during the drive-by.  Other minoritized NBC failures include the Ironside remake canceled after three shows; the original 1960’s series lasted 199. (Source: Hollywood Reporter) CBS blew it several years ago with an illiterate Kojak reboot with Ving Rhames stuttering through his lolly. What’s next? Ice Tea as a New York City cop? Judge J.B. Smoove?

“Murder, She Axed” is still in spell check development.

Who killed Leroy, mutha fucka?

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