Cousin f*ckers are linear animals who have sexual relations with their next of kin, resulting in deformities

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Intellectual inbreeding.

Does it get any worse?


a slow trickle of half gay and half freak show

Actually it does. Putrid garbage such as this is actually pawned off as some sort of entertainment in some circles. This is what happens when you breed with those at your Grandma’s funeral. You wake up thinking you’ re a star, even though you are a waste of genetic material your dad (that is your second cousin) should have choked out of your whore trailer park Aunt Mom’s esophagus, before she swallowed her Copenhagen.
This is retardation folks. This should have been fished out with a coat hanger and put on display in the circus or at A&M medical school under the birth anomalies class. Their mommas should have wrapped a shower curtain around their mouths as soon as they dropped these turds in the toilet. Who could imagine being proud of something as ugly and f*cked up as these cowboy boot salesmen who should have stayed in the State School they were born in?


If you walked into a Feed Store and saw something as retarded as this, you would neuter your dog, burn your garbage and pray to Jesus that your Uncle Dad dies in prison.


This is what happens when you have an abortion, and it lives.

I mean, Goddamn, come on.


Sugarland. No insurance required.

They’ve killed more people than polio, Great White and Union Carbide. And fat chicks still dig them despite losing 2 kids in a wind storm. At least they hung on to their cotton candy.


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