C*cksuckers or retards? America must choose

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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220px-Queerduck TV-Duck_Dynasty-

(Courtesy: Showtime and A&E)

For the last several weeks of this glorious December 2013, the national conversation has been about the comments of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fortune and fame published by the metrosexuals over at GQ magazine. (Source: Hollywood Reporter) In a marijuana induced hazed, the flea-bitten filthy bastard went into a rant about queers being “condemned to Hell” and “substituting buttholes for vaginas” when asked what his idea of “sin” means. Immediately our national attention diverted from our collapsing American economy, health care system, and morals of our degenerate society.

GQ magazine finally got to interview one of the inbreds and got the Duck Shit patriarch to espouse his unpopular religious views against homosexuality. (Source: Hollywood Reporter) The expected reaction was to pit otherwise traditional Christian folks who may or may not support gay marriage, against liberals rabidly promoting the homosexual lifestyle without consequence. The oldest communist trick in the book.


Who cares what a f***ing retard thinks? Apparently the Hollywood Homosexual Mafia (aka GLADD) and every card carrying Democrat Socialist in the country. Combine that with every whiny wannabe First Amendment Republican on the air and you got yourself a full blown free speech crisis. Just as planned, liberal media outlets bash conservatives for standing up for the First Amendment while mainstream America is programmed to take sides.

Liberals call Biblical scripture “Anti-Gay,” while conservatives champion the dribble of a fictitious corporate TV shill from the Louisiana swamps. Should gays boycott wearing camouflage with high heels, OR should straight people boycott A&E and tune to TruTV for all their white trash soap operas? Decisions, decisions…

Divide, divide, divide. That is the communist Hollywood agenda. They make billions of dollars turning idiots like Phil Robertson and his dog kin into conservative mouthpieces they can make fools of. The Duck Klan goes along with it to get paid to act like idiots.


Some people think Duck Dynasty’s retardation is real and not choreographed.

For the last 2 weeks straight, the Commander Retard’s comments have gone viral and make for 24 hours of coverage and comment on all the cable news networks. Even the folks at Fox News are stupid enough to be caught up in the made up “controversy.”


Inbreeding circa 25000 B.C.

The ‘Arts and Entertainment‘ channel has spent millions on promoting and advertising the camouflaged puke fest “Duck Die Nasty.” Pot smoking and bible thumping go hand in hand with the Robertson clan; not one of them has worked a day since Academy Sports bought up the over-priced Duck Commander brand trademark.

Which brings us to WHY Phil Robertson and his mishmash of fake ZZ Top characters were signed with A&E to begin with. Producers at A&E know exactly what they are getting and what they are selling AND to whom they are marketing to. Just check at the loaded aisles of Duck Dynasty merchandise at Walmart, JC Penny’s, and Target this Christmas. White trash buy white trash regalia— it’s a known fact. Food stamps for camo, we’ve all heard of it.

And the liberal queer baiters at A&E know this as well. They know how marginalizing the Duck Dynasty world view is, as seen through the redneck eyes of the trailer park nouvea riche. They got exactly what they wanted: they have raked in millions in royalties from the same people they despise. Why put such God awful stupidity on television in the first place?


This is how you blow a rod, boy. 

Pit bulls and parolees. Tattoo circus freaks. Squirrel chasing hillbillies and moonshine. Ghetto speak and monkey babble. Promiscuous brain dead sluts. Post-op transgender cupcake bakers and pawn shop rejects. They are paid to be on TV and we pay to watch them.

There are now cable shows on otherwise reputable networks that run hours and hours of make believe Big Foot, UFO, and ghost sightings, filmed like the editing floor of The Blair Witch Project.

bigidiot   Finding_big ass_

One of the biggest losers: Finding Big Ass

All of it is complete duck shit. That is what the Cheap Hollywood Jew Bastards Club puts on prime time cable networks. These subhuman reality shows take absolutely zero effort to produce. All they need is a rented HD video camera and six weeks to tape, and every scummy Jerry Springer-type producer crawls through their butts to put these genetic fuck ups on television. Filmed in High Definition, just like MTV’s filth fest Jackass.

America, we cannot and will not fall for Hollywood’s attempt to marginalize us; to compartmentalize us into those who support the words of backwood country farts and those who believe an AIDS infected lifestyle is beyond condemnation.  The fact is 90% of us don’t care what homosexuals are doing and don’t believe that being “gay” is a “sin.” Is it more sinful to be a wife beating redneck drunkard, than it is to be a disease spreading sexual deviant? We’ll let you decide.


Cable TV channels have to promote the gay lifestyle, not preach against it. (Courtesy: Showtime)


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