Welcome to another episode of Child Actor Overdose, here’s your host Leif Garrett!
Teen panty-dropper prodigy Leif Garrett hits rock bottom.

Drug addicts don’t make good role models, but drug addiction is Hollywood’s role model. The Hollywood Walk of Shame believes in the free market of capitalism, so we don’t care how much actors make or what they do in the spare time, whether it be sucking dicks for hamburgers or shooting up Clorox. But if you give a drug addict (who does nothing but read lines) a lot of money, then they are going to spend it on drugs. These people don’t deserve our admiration during awards ceremonies; they should be disgraced and shunned for their contribution to the decline of Western Civilization. At least in Saudi Arabia they would get what they deserve.

The largest commodity in Southern California is the drug/movie industry and it actively recruits, then promotes the world’s talented druggies. Hollywood has successfully crept these creeps into mainstream media culture and into the young minds full of mush. MTV wants teenagers to turn into homosexuals and sexual deviants and experiment with drugs. What society would think that Ice Cube could write and produce a sitcom? What society would have 13 year old kids in sexually explicit situations? How much fricking heroin has to be going through your brain to think that any of this was entertaining?

“What are we watching tonight, dear? Kids screwing or Animal Planet?”


They make appearances on the Nickelodeon Channel to ward the little kids into a lifestyle of AIDS and needles. Most heavy drug users die young; some unfortunately continue the rake in money at the box office after a few stints at the Betty Ford Clinic.


For every movie dollar going to Kung Fu Panda, one once of coke goes up Jack Black’s nose.  Hollywood promotes the drug lifestyle. It’s so cool and hip and funny in their liberal minds.

Hollywood has successfully marketed the junkie Jack Black into children’s entertainment. Even to the point of saying the drug addict would make a perfect prep school teacher.

Jack Black has been on camera at Teen Award events hopped up on so much coke and heroin, he makes Nikki Sixx look like a Jr. High girl tweaking on a Red Bull.

Disgusting drug addicts need to hurry up and go into arrhythmia, or better yet an extended renal failure with a hint of pole ax through the temporal lobe.

Robert Downey Jr., drug addict and now leading man.

Hollywood has tried to clean this guy up with recurring cameos on Ally McBeal. Just look into Robert Downey’s dead soulless eyes and see the suffering he has caused himself and others. Now in 2011 after countless millions in rehab, Downey is actually capable of smiling in front of the camera, as opposed to his trademark comatose brain damaged stare. Is he clean? Who knows?

Seann William Scott now in rehab, likes hang out with the shit eating dopers from Jack Ass. We’re watching his career wind down the proverbial shitter from such performances as the copy cat talker in Cop Out. (Source: TMZ)

                  Mmmmmmmmmmm...Did someone say Oxycontin?

Scott’s role in the shitty-shit-shit Cop Out was no stretch for the talentless user, pairing up with idiot ghetto babbler Tracy Morgan and a now defunct Bruce Willis. Watch Scott reprise his drug addiction with a cameo in last years’ scat Jack Ass 3D. Watch him not only cover himself, but eat shit for money.

   This is considered Hollywood entertainment these days.

Russell Brand has warmed our hearts with his British accent and heroin addiction. He never has to stretch his acting abilities too far as the friendly neighborhood junkie. Some gals just like the smell of whiskey, cigarettes and unwashed European ass, or so Hollywood would have us believe.

Kiefer Sutherland and other 80’s Brat Pack stars have starred more on the Cooking with Cocaine Network than in actual movie roles. With Sutherland’s sobriety and break out on Fox’s 24, producers balance Jack Bauer’s uncompromising patriotism with the likes of liberal fuck face Janeane Garofalo.

Who knows better than Janeane Garofalo how to fight terrorists?


“Don’t violate that guy’s rights Jack!”


Switch hitter and communist traitor Janeane Garofalo playing an American patriot on FOX’s 24.

Circus cow gives award to Hollywood elitist.

Hollywood producers must scour the Los Angeles County jail for their character actors. Look no further than the AIDS infested tattoo parlors and barrios for scooter trash and gang sluts that we have to be subjected to.

Like 80% of all Hispanic inmates, in real life tough guy Michelle Rodriguez feels more at home behind bars. Does she give or receive?

CSI’s Gary Dourdan mugshot

It doesn’t take a CSI to tell this dude is on heroin. Unfortunately, Gary Dourdan likes partying more than coming to work and reading his lines sober, hence CBS fired his ass. Actors take for granted their employment all too often. Even moderately talented actors like Dourdan who has been handed role after role after role for his green eyes and kinky hair. You blew it dude. Kiss that tight little Spanish ass goodbye.

Is Hollywood the greatest enabler of them all? We at The Hollywood Walk of Shame know so. Shitty actors and actresses are paid to get into character and play the sleazeballs Hollywood wants use to idolize. Hollywood relates to drug addicts, therefore they make movies and TV shows glamorizing the sordid behavior. Hollywood is more at ease in dirty public restrooms shooting up smack, than it is filming intelligent Renaissance period pieces.

The shittier and inarticulate the actor, the more respectable role he or she may acquire. Jailbird Terrence Howard is actually cast to play a police officer and/or detective who protects women from the “Skreeeets”  in Law and Order. Can you believe it? That’s like casting Ice Tea or Cheech Marin as cops….oh yeah, that shit was done too on Law and Disorder and Nash Bridges, dis-respectively.


Terrence Howard is the next Terence Stamp in their minds; both have spent time in prison- General Zod in the Phantom Zone and Howard in Pennsylvania jail after bitch slappin’ his wife. What a useless piece of shit. Aren’t you supposed to learn how to actually speak before you can become a Hollywood actor? Guess not, hence another round of great casting choices.

The Limey pumps lead into the skulls of Hollywood drug addicts. Bravo!

Once good actor Tom Sizemore tells how his career was ruined with strippers and methamphetamines.

Tom Sizemore used to like hookers and smack, until his career took a nosedive.

The once-promising actor went to rehab for heroin addiction in 1998 and managed to keep it together for years afterward. But things took a turn for the worse when he met “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss in 2001 and started doing meth. She claimed he was violent with her and, in 2003, he was convicted of physical abuse and went to jail for 17 months. Several more arrests followed before he washed up on the shores of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew last year. (Source: The Daily Beast)

Despite the warning signs and obvious dangers of drugs, Hollywood  continues to recruit and employee drug addicts to invade our entertainment. They never learn their lesson.

Just look at the likes Nick Nolte, Gary Busey, Charlie Sheen et al and the “tragic” overdoes of Corey Haim, River Phoenix and the slew of other worthless crack heads. We’re not talking about accidental overdoses or recreational drug users here; we’re talking about straight up junkies being cast and paid to be on TV and in the movies.

"I need a DRINK!"

These people aren’t rock stars; we expect no less from musicians. This riffraff is influencing our children and Hollywood’s agenda is to blame. Remember America, for every movie you pay to see with a drug addict in a starring role, you are committing spiritual suicide.

  1. Kurtis says:

    This is ridiculously harsh, right wing bullshit. I won’t be sharing it.

    • Mad Max says:

      Wrong Kurtis, you limey little bitch.
      This is LEFT WING bullshit.
      The greatest export the UK has to offer these days is the junkie Russell Brand.
      At least our American drug addicts have tans; there’s nothing more dank and disgusting than a rotten tooth
      Brit forced to suck c*ck for heroin and sandwiches.

      In a Right Wing society, the drug addicts are simply shunned by advertisers and are never seen on TV.
      In a Left Wing society, like we suggest, they are rounded up and forced into Labor Camps until they clean up.
      Tell me, what has Russell Brand and Janeane Garofalo ever really done that was even slightly entertaining?
      So the standard is you can be a proud drug addict, as long as you call Sarah Palin the C word?

      • Eddie says:

        Little irate also, you shouldnt let people who you don’t know wind you up so much with such a small and reasonable comment. Throwing tantrums over the internet is just embarassing, but then what do I know, I once smoked a joint so my opinions invalid.

      • Mad Max says:

        Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s. Drugs kill people and they aren’t “cool” or “hip” as portrayed in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

      • fitz46 says:

        Mad Max says:

        “In a Right Wing society, the drug addicts are simply shunned by advertisers and are never seen on TV.”
        Oh right, because Rush Limbaugh, Kelsey Grammar and Mel Gibson were all shunned and were never heard of again after they were found to be addicted to pills, drugs and/or alcohol. What bullsh*t! The right wing wraps themselves in patriotism and the Bible, which would be great, if it wasn’t a blatant lie. They use both ONLY to push their own agenda of greed and disregard of just about all things the Bible says were created by God (insert “Drill, baby, drill” by Sarah Palin here).
        Hypocritical a-holes is the only apt description for Bible thumping right wingers.

      • Mad Max says:

        True Dat.
        But there’s nothing worse than a Godless atheist Hollywood liberal.

  2. Jose says:

    I like it.

  3. Eddie says:

    All these folk that you’re slating here have provided so much worldwide entertainment, so don’t try preaching otherwise simply because you dislike one trait that they all share and seem to be unable to see past that. There are many more actors in Hollywood that do not take drugs than those that do. Are you aware that the current legislation on drugs is being greatly reconsidered? And to suggest that these people are all worthless because they like to take drugs is ridiculous. The principle is no different to that of drinking alcohol, and if you’re able to afford it, then seriously, can you imagine a better night out than partying in an LA mansion with the likes of Steve-O and Charlie Sheen, snorting coke off of a high class hookers tits? Or would you rather sit beside a log fire playing chess with the cast of star trek, whilst gently caressing captain Kirks balls?

  4. i says:

    Nice story bro

  5. christina says:


  6. Nick Haflinger says:

    Jesus Christ this site is about %1000 more toxic than any dope I could get and shove up my arm. Your constant refrain about AIDS is classy, as is your obsession with these people (and you’ve totally exaggerated and basically made shit up about Jack Black and others).

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