Money for nothing and chicks with dicks for free

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Time to boycott the communist drug addict traitors in the entertainment business.

Is that the pitter-patter of Hollywood’s elite running to another Barrack Obama fundraiser, or it is the sound of Muslim children banging their heads on the ground reciting the Koran? You know, the holy scripture about stoning homosexuals to death preached in mosques around the world…

The first head-banging President?



Obama tells us in the audio version of his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, that “in the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell my mother that I made faces during Koranic studies.” At that time in the 1960’s, only Muslim children attended madrassas in Indonesia.

Islamic school abuse is nothing to be making faces about.

Even the Huffington Post reports how the 2008 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign agreed that Obama’s attendance of a “secular” madrassa as a child would have a profound impact on his ability to connect with the Muslim world. (Huffington Post) It’s fun to read Hollywood hit pieces trying to debunk the fact that our Commander in Chief went to a fundamental Islamic school in Indonesia when he was a youngster. Their minions at Google have flooded the Internet with the “myth” that Barry Obama attended a nonexistent “Catholic” school in 1960’s Jakarta, Indonesia, a then communist country ruled by Islamic President Sukarno who purged all foreign interests. (Wikipedia)


Barrack Hussein Obama certainly does connect well with the Muslim World, Hollywood, and even the gay community, depending on who is shucking out the campaign dollars. But where did he go to school before arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii? We at the Hollwood Walk would rather believe the words of the President over Fox News or Ann Coulter, and read about it in his autobiography “Dreams From My Father” ghost written by Bill Ayers.


Hollywood moguls now under SEC scrutiny.

“Dreamworks and Disney animation heading to China” was the lead story this week. The buried facts are that in order to do business in a communist country, you have to pay off a corrupt US administration with donations and fundraisers, then pay off the murderous Chinese government. Under threat of forced abortions, cheap Chinese labor will help Hollywood movie studios make even more profit.

Are you happy about that pot-headed Californians? Wouldn’t you like to get a two year graphic design degree online after goofing off in high school, drive in your Prius to Santa Barbara to your CGI studio, and work in the comfort of the liberal Hollwood Hills? Well you can’t because every other movie dollar you spend goes through Jeffery Katzenberg’s bank account to President Obama’s re-election fund, and overseas to fatten up a Chinese soldier. Meanwhile starving Chinese children will be making all the Kung Fu Panda sequels and pumping cocaine into Jack Black.


We at the Hollywood Walk like some Dreamworks Animation movies (Shrek), however we don’t like Hollywood executives bribing communist Chinese and socialist American politicians. Early this year Dreamworks CEO Jefferey Katzenberg traveled to China, turning over a couple billions dollars of movie profits to the Chi-Coms in order to open up a communist operated movie studio in Shanghai. (Reuters)

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping came to Los Angles in February and announced the opening of the Shanghai slave labor animation workshop. Brokering and fast tracking the deal were Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, VP Joe Biden and huge Obama donor Katzenberg. (LA Times)


Remember the Chinese government doesn’t allow movies such as Back to the Future because time travel is outlawed in the Socialist Utopia. But that doesn’t stop the godless Hollywood traitors from moving perfectly good animation jobs overseas to a murdering dictatorship.

According to the New York Post, the SEC is now investigation the Katzenjammer Kids for bribing their communist counterparts. (NY Post) Under the 1970’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, US companies cannot make payments to foreign officials to gain distribution rights for their Chi-Com friendly fag fests.

These fanooks running these Hollywood movie studios are in President Obama’s back pockets with fund raisers and gay rights treatises, hoping and praying to their demonic communist masters that the DOJ doesn’t come after them. They have Hiltlary’s and dumb ass Biden’s seal of approval during official negotiations, and apparently President Obama’s with his recent switch-hit to gay marriage.

Jeffery Katzenjammer and George Clooney raised $15 million the other day for a recently outted President Obama (now a big fan of butt sex marriage). Ticket holders who patron the Communist Fag Traitors Union of America, or CFTUA, contributed the proceeds of the $40,000 per plate fundraiser held in Clooney’s Hollywood retreat. (NY Daily News)

The president’s missing fake Kenyan birth certificate and horrible poll numbers on the economy did not come up.


Is George Clooney upset that he couldn’t provide President Obama limo service for the Jakarta Jr. High School graduation, while a young Mitt Romney was punking out fruitcakes at prep school? Note the starving Chinese children won’t see one crumb of Clooney’s, Katzenberg’s, Hillary’s, et al‘s $40K meal plan. So Jack Black went without coke for an entire week for Obama?


Are we supposed to believe that these enlightened Hollywood ghouls give one rat’s ass about forced child labor while they sip Napa Valley wine with the Chinese Premier? They reward the spread of Communism with the ticket sales we give them. They take out any and all negative references of the Red Menace in their flicks. They believe they are the upper crust of society and they applaud their socialist brothers around the world who actual inflict the poverty and barbarism they think the rest of us deserve. Traitors, each and every one of them.

Sean Penn: pro-Hugo Chavez
Danny Glover: pro-Fidel Castro
Jane Fonda: pro-Khmer Rouge

The self righteous Hollywood elitists are so brain damaged that they believe if they actively subvert traditional American values, that they will make more money. They don’t think there will be a backlash from the patriotic consumer. Hint: see the Dixie Chunks.


 Chicks with Dicks used to be a Nashville sensation. Now they’re just jock itch.

Some are just irresponsible hippie tax dodgers who want to be in the government’s good graces come collection time. They trumpet that they really just want to “pay their fair share in taxes” so their chronic drug use , jail time and infidelities will be ignored by the drive-by media.

The American movie goer must understand: these sycophantic actors are only ingratiating themselves to the Communist Fag Traitors Union (CFTUA) for their next movie role. They have expensive Beverly Hills masseuses, cooks and drug dealers; they have no moral compass and are all going to go to Hell anyway.

How can you balance being Muslim friendly and gay friendly at the same time? You need Industrial Light and Magic to perpetrate the biggest political con game in modern history.

Welcome to the gay marriage money boom!


Biden tells these two fellas they should honeymoon in Egypt.

.Put those contributing to communist death camps and child labor into your long-term memory when deciding to spend your money on their movies:

1. George Clooney
2. Jack Black
3. Tobey McGuire
4. Robert Downey, Jr.
5. Jeffery Katzenberg
6. Salma Hayek
7. Eddie Murphy
8. Barbara Streisand
9. Billy Crystal
10. Josh Brolin

Not to give short shrift to non-communist card carrying entertainers, here’s a quick list of some of Hollywood’s outspoken and remaining conservative actors (hey they may not be the most talented but their politics are in the right place):

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. Bruce Willis
3. Stephen Baldwin
4. Jessica Simpson
5. Clint Eastwood
6. Tony Danza
7. Sly Stallone
8. Mel Gibson
9. Sarah Michelle Gellar
10. Freddie Pinze, Jr.
11. Kelsey Grammer
12. Drew Carey
13. Matthew McCoonaughey
14. Heather Locklear
15. Adam Sandler
16. Curtis Jackson, aka “50 Cent”
17. Tom Selleck
18. Vince Vaughn
19. Alex Trebeck
20. Gary Sinise
21. Angie Harmon
22. Shannen Dohetry
23. Alice Cooper
24. Ted Nugent
25. Heather Locklear
26. Brittney Spears
27. Chuck Norris
28. Dennis Hopper (deceased)
29. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson
30. James Woods
31. Cheryl Ladd
32. Jon Voight
33. James Caan
34. Adam Baldwin
35. Craig T. Nelson
36. Kurt Russel
37. Paul Sorvino
38. Ron Silver
39. Ben Stein
40. Scott Baio
41. Dean Cain
42. Kathy Ireland
43. Kevin Sorbo
44. Jamie Farr
45. Yaphet Kotto
46. Gerald McRaney
47. Jacklyn Smith
48. Ricardo Montalban
49. Joe Pesci
50. Rip Torn
51. Robert Davi
52. James Belushi
53. Tracy Scoggins
54. Cindy Williams
55. Leslie Nielsen
56. Dennis Franz
57. Michael Moriarty
58. James Caviezel
59. Bruce Boxleitner
60. David Blaine
61. Jerry Dole
62. John Schneider
63. Toney Sirico
64. Sela Ward
65. Tom Berrenger
66. Tony Garcia
67. Jon Cryer
68. David Lynch
69. Janine Turner
70. Patricia Heaton
71. Larry Miller
72. Dennis Miller
73. Joan Rivers
74. Lenny Clark
75. Jackie Mason

So why not party large with Tha Bam Boyz in the hizzie!



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