Katy Perry married a herion addict, so Vote for Hillary

Posted: November 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Fun fact for kids: don’t take political advice from someone married to a Hepatis C spreading drug addict.


Junkies for Hillary

Teenage-minded detox patient Katy Perry has done multiple PSA’s for the failed Hillary Clinton for Prison campaign.


Hillary will never be President


Libtards blame the loss on Russian hacking and Wikileaks, but cling to the lie that Clinton’s email server was never hacked. Which one is it, crybabies?


You’re against Big Tobacco, but you’re pro-Marijuana. You’re pro-abortion on an innocent fetus but against the death penalty for a serial killer. You believe in man-made global warming but want to subsidize ozone depleting ethanol. You trash and destroy everything given to you for free, then say “the system isn’t fair.”

You’re pro-gay marriage and pro-Sharia Law at the same time. You wanted Hillary to bring in millions of Syrian refugees, even after watching homosexuals being thrown from the roof of your friendly neighbor mosque.


You call everybody you disagree with a “Nazi,” but in the same breath defend the mass murders of communists like Fidel Castro and Winnie Mandela. You pretend to be “environmentally astute,” but digest every carcinogen known to man.

You’re against pharaceutical companies who make a profit by keeping people alive, but you idolize drug addicts who glamorize the Junkie Lifestyle and die before they turn 30.


Russell Brand’s favorite pasttime is smack. And remember, he was shooting up before, during, and after he and Perry ‘sobered up’ and hit Splitsville. Only Hollywood would promote drug addicts as role models for young adults who are voting for the first time.


Do you actually think these people are capable of making good decisions, especially when it comes to who should be the Leader of the Free World? Do you think anyone should listen to a single word that comes out of the mouth of someone who sucks dicks for cocaine?


Hollywood heroin addicts, some still alive. Sure, they got rich but are they worth a shit?


Hollywood A-List coke sniffers. What’s in yo’ wallet?

Coke addicts, some not incarcerated, some recovered. Who has the time and the money to snort coke, then lecture the rest of us on nonexistent Islamophobia and transgenered rights? Their coked up minds cook up global warming conspiracies, repeating the same communist indoctrination given to them by the drug dealing movie studios. And believe us, the Chinese government supplies plenty of cocaine and hookers to these sell outs.


That’s why Hollywood heroes always wind up overdosing, spreading AIDS, or both. This is why America rejected them and the Clinton Crime Family on November 8. Get ready for your enema, Hollywood.


Screw you Josh Whedon and your Chinese poppy seed masters. Tweet that little bitches.



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