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The same confused and baffled puppy dog look in every movie.

Ryan Reynolds still has not taken those acting lessons to get those chops up a notch and out of the Dollar General bargain bin and par with something movie goers can actually sit through. Other than the God-awful Dead Pool, every movie this guy is in is a certifiable box office bomb. Despite the continuous bad acting, flop after flop keeps Reynolds on the late night talk show circuit and the Lionsgate payroll. Next he teams up with America’s second favorite negro in another forgettable waste of time, The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Go the F*ck to Sleep.

In this latest Black-on-White romp, Sam “the MuthaFucka” Jackson piles on his signature ghetto babble, spitting and cursing through every line, while Reynolds narrates his over-rehearsed, rushed, and unbelievably scripted bullshit. Reynolds always sounds like he’s on a job interview at Star Bucks and about to piss his pants.

There is no one dumber, more annoying, or ubiquitous than this fucker.

We can’t really critique something we’ll never actually watch, so maybe there will be some Easter Eggs, cameos, and funny bloopers in the end credits. This is like the 20th movie this year for Samuel Jackson. By 2019, this crack head will be in every single movie and on every TV and cable channel, 24-7.

I’m everywhere, goddamit. I’m in your dreams and when you wake up.

What’s in your bowl, bitch?


Cattle Chips aka Tossin’ Biscuits 2017.

Thanks Hollywood, for making a movie with the absolute ugliest muthafukahs in the industry. What a genetic mishmash of complete failures, such as kidnapper look-a-like Michael “the Friendly Fruitpicker” Pena. Dax Shepard’s face looks like he was born in a motorcycle wreck. Smoking pot gives actors such a dynamic range minus birth defects. We actually broadcast this shit to other countries who want to cut our heads off.

First sign that a movie will suck is if it has the following in higher billing than Stagehand:

  • Michael Pena.
  • Any members of the SNL alumni.
  • Any female cast as the lead action hero or playing a cop.
  • Any male lead under 25 years old.
  • Any child playing a computer hacker or possessed.
  • Any movie with Ben Mendelsohn billed higher than bit part. Just another talentless buck-toothed junkie with zero range; more on this later.
  • Anything with Seth Green or other midgets.
  • Illiterates like Samuel L. Jackson, in fact if Sam Jackson is anywhere near the movie, the movie is automatically complete SHIT.

Absolutely no reason: Tarzan, Kong: Skull Island, Kingsman, Robocop, Star Wars: Revenge of the Shit, etc., etc.

Then there are fake Hollywood couples who can’t afford their fake public lifestyles, going through foreclosures as fast as deleted memes.  It’s a bunch of horsehit.

If this is Hollywood Royalty, then there is something terminally wrong with our culture.

Thanks California for keeping vomit inducing Dax Shepard semi-employed with his phony itty-bitty-titty nothing of a wife in cameo. Sloppy asses and distorted faces make for good paparazzi fodder. Note Kristen Bell never took her gene donor’s married name in case of spontaneous miscarriage after realizing what she has done. She is the breadwinner, while her insignificant other’s shit doesn’t even make it to the bargain bin at General Dollar.


Welcome to the Family Circus.

Vincent Duh Uno Frio- uh Der- reprises his Gomer Pyle role in between licking Bill Clinton’s nutsacks.

Talk about a House of Lies.

THE GOOD PLACE — “Everything Is Fine” Episode 101– Pictured: (l-r) Kristen Bell as Eleanor, William Jackson Harper as Chidi — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Don’t point your shit at me, bitch! I’ll slap a bitch fo dat.

Kristen Bell as Jeannie Van Der Hooven and Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan in House of Lies (Season 5, Episode 05). – Photo: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: HouseofLies_615.R

Some would say the Kentucky backwoods produced the most inbred retarded looking fuckers in the country… we beg to differ. California has the most fucked up looking creatures on the planet wandering the streets. Thanks to decades of Democrats, drugs, and welfare, the human genome has mutated to create anomalies like Dax Shepard. Something that takes itself as serious as this ugly ass is not a mistake. It is a Hollywood creation designed to turn everything to fucking shit.

Title holder of the world’s worst movies.

Who the fuck thinks this shit is funny or entertaining?

When you gonna have that abortion bitch?

Watch this shit.


Why didn’t you have the government-paid for abortions?

Let’s go pull over some drunk illegal aliens.

Oh Shits, it’s Michael Pena’s papi.


Arabic is the opposite of American.

Islam is the opposite of Christian.

Muslim is the opposite of Freedom.

Liberal Hollywood traitors call patriotic citizens “un-American” for having logical reservations about allowing millions of unvetted Syrian refugees into the country to slit our throats. Every night on Twitter they publish their solidarity with the most murderous Islamic and Communist regimes in human history. Even after witnessing gay nightclubs and music halls around the world attacked by radical jihadists, Hollywood wants the ISIS floodgates open. It’s chique to go against commonsense immigration policies designed to protect us from 5th Century savages.


Fact: There is no Arabic word for “compromise.”

Make no doubt about it: some in the entertainment industry want you dead. And you the stupid connoisseur/consumer of their garbage movies and music, along with Chinese kickbacks, help make them rich. They sold their souls a long time ago. If they get a chance to get paid to shit on America, they jump on it.

Casey Affleck displays his shirt with the Arabic word "love" as he arrives at the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017, in Santa Monica, Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Affleck “loves” the way women and gays are treated in Muslim countries.

The most un-American and oppressive form of government is what Affleck & Co. want to overrun this country. They talk and walk in lockstep with their Socialist masters pushing the death of Western Civilization.


Meanwhile, European liberals with a major Death Wish welcome unvetted migrants to join them on their socialist welfare rolls. The result being an astronomical increase in murder and mayhem. Sweden is now the rape capital of the world.




Despite the slaughter of gays, honor killings, gentital mutilation, bombings, death by truck, and shootings- Hollywood wants the worst of the worst to enter our country as easily as George Lopez’s illegal alien nannies.



Who would scribble that shit on their body?

gomez celebrities-arabic-tattoos








Concentration camps brought to you by the Socialist Democrat Party and George Soros.

The irony is that Hollywood is loaded with communist Israel-hating Jews. There is no humor in the empty Socialist mind; wannabe unfunny fucks like Judd Apatow would rather drag down America through vulgarity and dullness. Look no further than the slew of his fake “comedy” turds squeezed out over the years and starring the regular Screwie Jewie crowd. Not a single mitochondiral stand of actual humor in any of them. They just take up air and space.


Yet another disgusting Hillary lover.

You know the litany of rehashed Apatwat movies with fucking slobs like dope smoker Seth Rogen and the pig-faced Amy Schumer. They are all unfunny, untalented, ugly as fuck, and equally worthless. They make their living making ‘rape jokes’ and being degenerates, then hang out with each other during their pet Liberal Causes and publicly castigate those who don’t listen to their horseshit.


Another subhuman responsible for regurgitated dogcrap sprinkled with Democrat talking points. 

Democrat donors and fuckheads like Apatow are up in arms that the Chinese money they laundered through the Hillary Clinton Campaign did not make it back to their Malibu bank accounts. They played by the rules dictated by the major movie studios and lost more millions in political contributions than they did on their box office disasters. They thought they could just make shitty movies and bad mouth Republicans with little effort, China would bankroll them.


The Hollywood Shit Merchants can make millions by doing absolutely nothing.

The Walk of Shame could lambast these unfunny pieces of shit, but they do enough damage to themselves. They are paid to bring society to a base level in order to dumb consumers down to the point they will watch anything.  They make even more money with the Chinese run movie studios if they are willing to sell out America and shit on conservatives at every opportunity. Hence the daily Tweets and Twitters from these communist traitors against a free and democratic Israel and USA.



Has Sarah Silverman ever contributed anything to humankind?




If you pretend to be a Democrat, then you can get away with sending dick pics to teenage girls.


Future Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz roommate and pedophile with National Security clearance, thanks to the likes of all the above.


images images-1



Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah, the biggest South African sensation since AIDS, plays it cool with the white liberal millennial crowd.

chuckandbuckFantasy gay lover turned movie director Chris Weitz plays a queer-a-phile Tweeter in real life.



The Star Wars franchise has already been ruined by prequels. Now Hollywood writers pile on J.J. Abrams’ latest liberal mishmash by getting even more political. More proof that the California Communist Cokeheads and Perverts (aka CCCP) have traded their souls to the Chinese government. Shitheads Weitz and some other losers were called in after multiple reshoots of the latest Star Wars prequel to turn the story into a social media diatribe against Donald Trump.


Damn the Backlash! This Star Wars is for the Beijing Politburo!

This is why movies in the last few years all have White male lead roles depicted as either dumbasses like Chris Pratt and Vin Diesel or shrivled pussies like Robert Pattison. Only 90 lb. women, a computer genius Black man, and the Chinese military can save the galaxy. To a pasty Hollywood cokehead, that’s reality. As part of their leading roles in movies such as Twilight, movie studios request their rising stars to also appear in short films and public service announcements against guns, heterosexuality, and the common decent American way. These are the next generation of Red Diaper Doper Babies.


With the help of vile homegrown communist Jews and Democrat donors, Disney is in full co-production with the Chi-Com owned Shanghai Media Group. Both are set to spread communist propaganda throughout mainland China and North America. Walt would be rolling in grave. Jack Black can kick up his coke habits with more Kung Fu Panda sequels.


Hollywood’s overseas communist masters have also bought up the human rights of Paramount Pictures with an injection of $1 billion into the studio. (Source: Hollywood Reporter) Of course that isn’t going to sway the way the Socialist Utopia of China is portrayed in movies. Ever notice how many Sci-Fi movies in 2016 had the murderous totalitarian government of China saving the world? Check the movie studio producing the propaganda, i.e. follow the money. It’s like a trickle on the floor of Mike Weitz’s bathhouse leading directly to the traitors.


Mike White always hopes the movie sucks.


90% of trained and qualified actors are out of work at any time. University Performance Arts graduates have a 1 in 10 chance of ever making it to the stage. But overpaid and underworked actors can make it big if they pretend to be bleeding heart liberals. Especially those who play the bad guys and want to change their public image. They can ingratiate themselves with fellow National Socialist Democrats by pretending to love homosexuals, Muslims, and illegal aliens- while at the same time hate on the military, police, the banks, and big corporations.


Type-casted German-American stage actor Werner Klemperer (March 22, 1920 – December 6, 2000) was born to a Jewish father who fled to America when the Nazis rose to power. Playing a Hollywood villian takes its toll on starving artists looking for a handout from their communist masters. Who is going to cast a Nazi look-alike in a summer Broadway play?


Nazi collaborator pulling the strings.

George Soros and the Spielbergs know these weak minded entertainers will spread their convoluted message of “Social Justice,” even though their reasoning is the antithesis of what they are preaching. In reality, communists execute drug dealers, users, rich folks, and homosexuals. They use minorities as slave labor.


Talent is in short supply, so actors have to impress their Marxist employers in between gigs. Some are just acting when they join Democrat run Public Service Annoucements; others are bonafide traitors who would love to lock up every person they disagree with. The sickest among them march against the police whenever directed by George Soros. Where does all this Cop Killing rhetoric come from?


D-list actors have mortgages on their Malibu efficiency apartments and illegal alien nannies raising their bastard kids. This costs money. Actors have to pay for their cocaine habits and trips to Dubai in between jobs waiting tables at Los Angeles’ gay hotel diners. They need a steady income like the rest of us, albeit with astronomical waste and harm to the environment (see gas guzzler and mega-polluter Leonardo DiCaprio).

The actions of Hollywood’s more affluent prove the small amount of guilt they have for being wealthy. They just want the movie studios to love them, so they repeat in front of the world what Harvey Weinstein wants to hear.


UN Messenger of Peace on Climate Change


Bug-eyed nobody Michael Shannon is currently teamed up with Obama’s buddies Bill Ayers and Cornel West to change the dichotomy of their Socialist religion. Their heroes Castro, Stalin, Mao, and Chavez are responsible for the deaths of 100,000 million people around the world, yet they accuse those they disagree with of being “fascists.” The dry David Strathairn from San Fransicko tags his name to the Communist Manifesto as easily as a stoned Berkley hippie. Strathairn always plays the malefactor within the out of control bureaucracy, which he loves in real life because he loves big government forcing folks to watch his shitty acting. When you play the bad guy in ever movie, you got to get libtards to like you by attacking Western democracies. Otherwise you wouldn’t have a paycheck for doing nothing but acting like the asshole you are in real life.


The Human Centipede plays a villian in real life. His ugly fucking face justs wants to be loved by the Left.

rfad david-strathairn

Good night and go fuck yourself David Strathairn.

Cornel West with Barack Obama in 2007

Barry has been chillin’ with communist professors his entire life.


Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans attends anti-Israeli conferences in Tehran and coordinated civil unrest with the Obama Whitehouse, not to mention raised money for al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Sean Penn has never met a dictator or drug lord he didn’t like. Ashley Judd cut her own uterus out and tits off in order to impress her talent agent. Poor ol’ Ed Harris plays a gangster by day and a anti-gun hero by night. Ed Asner continues his aspirations to have top billing on the Communist Watch List to keep his career alive.

7c325ee5c790b213873fedd7c74fbbbb sean-penn-with-mexican-drug-lord_240x180_41452397741 penn-chavez

Best of buddies like Chuck & Buck.

Sean Penn’s father Leo Penn was a black-listed actor/Communist sympathizer during the McCarthy era who later directed several popular TV shows through the 90’s. Ironically the blacklisted Penn Sr. served with a bomber squadron stationed in England during WWII , while the younger hangs out with mass murderers.


Leo Penn, standing 2nd left, serving his country before turning RED.


Radical pro-abortionist and menopausal Ashley Judd named Good Will Ambassador of the United Population Fund. As her looks and mind fade, so goes her acting career.

How can you be pro-woman and pro-hijab at the same time unless you’re just bat shit crazy?

The hijab is a symbol of Islam’s brutal oppression of women. Other Democrat role models like Kal Penn and Jeffrey Wright do whatever they can to be noticed.


Meet Obama’s Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement, complete with security clearance and $41K a year salary. Those Injuns shure do have a helluva work ethic.



Jeffrey Wright, no stranger to the police taser, is an outspoken Anti-Trumper in between cancellations and supporting roles.


Hollyweird is still reeling after the Democrats got their asses handed to them after a billion dollar smear campaign against populist Donald Trump. Pedophiles, drug addicts, weak minded cock suckers, and communist Jews all joined together to blame their collective failure on the Russian hacking of Hillary’s illegal email server.


Communist traitors each and every one, dependent on the Chinese Politburo for their income. They spend taxfree Clinton Foundation donations on Public Service Announcements in an attempt to brainwash the masses that Hillary should be coronated after losing the election in a landslide. They hate America. They hate the average working class family with a passion. Nothing would please these specs of human trash more than a band of dirty jihadists they let into this country hijacking a school bus, and cutting the throats of little middle class kids. They know they could go on CNN immediately afterwards and blame a Republican somewhere. Socialism, drugs, and sexual deviancy is their religion. Just look in their eyes. They want you dead.


Former heroin addicts and criminals like Robert Downey and Sam Jackson failed to sway their fans to ‘Dump Trump,’ despite spending millions they made on their shitty movies and giving it to Crooked Hillary. Fact is, nobody believes them. They’re liars. They’re worthless. Some are even subhuman. They deserve to eat the shit that comes out their talentless mouths.

robert-downey-jr shia-labeouf-mugshot


Get your political advice from a criminal.

Valtrex spokeswoman Scarlett Johansson spread her legs for Derek Jeter and her STDS like a filthy baboon, giving her top billing in Hollywood’s most recent box office disasters. Should America listen to a lifelong Herpes carrier for political advice, that is anyone other than Bill Maher?


These people are not even mildly entertaining or remotely intelligent. There is no reason to coexist with them. They are the genital warts of society.


The Hillary campaign just plain sucked, just like 90% of the shit they all pump out to dumb down America to meet their socialist masters’ ends. They all answer to the studios, and like Hillary, the studios all answer to communist China.


Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice was on NBC prime time for 14 years. No mention of  “racism” of “sexism” for a decade and a half. These Hollywood parasites sucked his pink ass when he kept them on the air, in circulation, and in relevancy. Without Trump, there would be no West Wing and no Fake Nightly News on the Nothing But Clinton network.


Meanwhile after being cancelled the umpteenth time, an aging Chelsea Handler spreads her sour snatch for any and every crack dealer to stay on TV. Even the brothers are tired of tappin’ dat stupid ass. Her future husbands can recogize the soup can that used to be her butthole.


“Out of Work…will screw for 50 Cents…bring own condoms”

chelsea-handler-tweet-50 50-cent-mug