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Ever notice how the most vocal liberals are also the biggest criminals?


He is a fat greasy slob. He is a slimy fuck-bastard traitor who has tried to penetrate every female in Hollywood, no matter what age. Twitter is all a-flutter with first hand accounts of his flatulent filled sexcapades. He’s been caught multiple times jacking off in public restaurants; and almost arrested for exposing and playing with himself in broad daylight. Over the years he has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in sexual harassment settlements. No, we aren’t talking about Bill Clinton, this story is about Rape-for-a Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein.

If it weren’t for his $150 million fortune he amassed as Hollywood’s prime purveyor of shitty films, Harvey would have less chance at getting laid as Hervé Villechaize now that he’s off Fantasy Island. And this fucker has the hubris to lecture us about ‘Gun Control.’

NRA- 1.         


Harvey Weinstein hates the laws and people of the United States, and most importantly, he believes he is above them all. After admitting to sexual harassing his favorite actresses for over 30 years, the only thing the piece of shit can do is emulate his heroes Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Anthony Weiner. In other words, blame the NRA and Republicans for being a rapist.  Harvey Weinstein is a huge Communist money pit who had Obama’s Department of Justice at his disposal, allowing him to get away with rape. At the same time he was given the green light by Hillary’s State Department to sell his garbage overseas to the Chinese, making sure to publicly badmouth the American way of life and our God-given freedoms.

NEW YORK – OCTOBER 25, 2004: Producer Harvey Weinstein and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) attend the “Finding Neverland” premiere at the Brooklyn Museum. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

Crooked Hillary found Neverland in her 2016 presidential bid, courtesy of big Hollywood donors, like this fucking traitor.

Despite his vile looks and reputation, desperate Hollywood actresses by the droves voluntarily blew Weinstein’s little circumcised whistle for a chance at stardom. Their auditions began in his hotel suite with an invitation to watch him disrobe and take a shower, helping lather his micro-penis through the rolls of hairy skid marks. He promised to make them a star in exchange for a peanut laced rim job. You know they all fucking did it, ever goddamn one of them. Until recently Hollywood’s male enclave have collectively kept their mouths shut after witnessing first hand this diseased hippo squat on their female counterparts.

Those Botox lip implants sure come in handy when applied to the flaccid anus of a 65-year old movie producer.

Where now are the little trollops who screwed this fucking ogre to be in his movies? Not condemning him in front of the camera because Weinstein has made them rich; only the washed up disgruntled ones who’ve been kicked to the curb like Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan are speaking out.

Like good little communists, teary-eyed Hollywood socialites at the bottom of the food chain eagerly turn on their Jewie Master (and hate on him for being richer than they are) and use class envy coupled with fake victimhood to champion their fictitious self-righteous indignation. But only now that the shit has been made public. In other words, all the actors and actresses who tongued Harvey’s bunghole over the years are now piling on.

Every so-called “A-List” actress we see today on the Big Screen has had sexual intercourse (forced or consensual) with Harvey Weinstein and owe their fame and fortune to him. And those he raped kept their mouths shut for the money.

Rumors aside,  Harvey has laid every single one of his leading ladies under a “transactional” relationship – even those whose movies bomb time after time. Note that most of Harvey’s Whores are liberal Democrat activists who have covered up his rape and harassment.

Weinstein’s attempted rapes were widely known by the Main Stream Media for decades; however the sordid details were never reported until recently in the New York Times and The New Yorker magazine.  The media sat on it during each election cycle thanks in part to liberal lying fucks Matt Damon and George Clooney helping to kill the stories.

The media has always refused to acknowledge Hollywood’s rampant sexism, pedophilia, and drug culture because 99.99% of them give to the Democrat Party. They are one in the same and Harvey Weinstein was their precious pot-bellied leader, just like the one in Pyongyang.

Weinstein is wealthy because of gratuitously violent, vulgar and trigger happy movies. Now this pervert’s beautiful token wife of 10 years has dumped his sorry ass, to raise their children far, far, away from Neverland. His estranged kids will always be rich and privileged, but they will also grow up knowing their father is a lecherous scumbag.

Hollywood and out of work libtards like Ashley Judd will continue to blame Trump and the GOP before blaming poor ol’ Harvey. Even though these talentless sluts sucked off this lard ass quicker than Bill Clinton taking his pants off in an Arkansas trailer park. No wonder they are such good buddies.


Democrat Party spokesman Morgan Freeman on how to remove anal warts and fecal crust: don’t wipe your own ass, blame Russia!

Spot the Space Tranny

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Who’s got the space nuts out here? 

Recently polished Hollywood bi-actors and actresses are a mishmash of strung out, underpaid genderless nobodys, including the two leads of the French adaption of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Transgenders. We don’t know who these two pasty face characters are, nor do we care to find out. You just can’t tell either of them apart, both are as pale and gangly as AIDS patients and equally talentless. One is a bi-sexual and the other a peter-puffer. Wow.

Critics give the indie Sci-Fi flick 2 and 1/2 stars, out of sympathy for the horrible acting. The special effects are very good by today’s standards, even beating out the lametard Galaxy of the Guardians. Plus they both have slimy shapeshifting space bitches for the jerri-curl row. However the two fruitcakes starring in this fantasy are miserable little fairies barely able to carry themselves. The half-male character doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to lift a toilet seat. He tries to deepen his 11-year old voice as if he’s some sort of rougue Space Playboy badass he ain’t. The story revolves around this “breakthrough actor” trying to get his girlfriend to strap it on and plow his Uranium poppy field.


Remember, this comic book adaptation is from French fag Luc Besson who can’t acknowledge America put men on the moon. Instead in his socialist fantasy world (and to sell to his overseas communist masters), it is China and the European Union who builds the first space station and successfully explores outerspace. Which obviously never did and never will happen from a country run by murderers and theives. And in China and France, the government promotes a genderless society, like the 10,000 alien species in this movie.

China saves the universe through forced abortion and euthanasia again!

Critics pan Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (2007) as being “too male” and “too white.” Dunkirk simply doesn’t fit the token Blaxploitation narrative constantly shoved down our throats (see Samuel L. Jackson). Hollywood mudsharks are hellbent on peddling cheap ghetto-babble and gutter-speak as intellectual entertainment. They are triggered by movies that are historically accurate. We know what they want to you to see.

Star Wars fans, here it is. You waited 10 years for it.

There’s a reason Saturday Night Live is unwatchable.


Did this really happen?

iron age

Keepin’ shit historically accurate fo’ reels, like all the Africans who signed the Magna Carta. 

Muthafuka shit that is some brilliant acting.

Yo logic be flawless and shit.

Now dat be some science fiction, goddamn.

Liberal Hollywood movie critics like Marie Claire’s Mehera Bonner blast Nolan’s Dunkirk for not making up shit about the Somalia pirates who rescued the beleaguered Allied Forces with the help of the Chinese Navy, or some other stupid shit.

The little bitches complain that there aren’t any black people or women depicted in the WWII movie, even though none were present during the Belguim excavation. And they don’t give a shit about women, they just throw gender into their take down of Western Civilization.

Tons of thousands of more troops have poured into England during the night, after heroically fighting their way out of Northern France and Belgium. French troops with the dog they rescued, seen during a halt at a wayside station on June 24, 1940. A large number of dogs have been brought over by the gallant Allied soldiers. (AP Photo)

Suprisingly Marie Claire and the other slew of Islamophile publications didn’t slam Dunkirk for not having enough dogs portrayed in the movie either.

Then again Marie Claire is a feminist’s guide to burka wearing and publishes makeup tips for Muslim women who get beat by their husbands.

Reality in predominantly Islamic countries.


China’s censors place Winnie the Pooh in the crosshairs for resembling their own fatbellied dictator Xi Jinping. (Source: The Verge)

Of course the Internet traitors running Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, and Twitter rush to comply with the oppressive regime by blocking all images of the Disney classic on the mainland, as not to offend their communist masters. In fact Apple’s pudsucking CEO bends over backwards and grabs his ankles to block Chinese and Russian users from accessing VPN’s they could use to circumvent government censors. (Source CNN) Tim Cook is a buttfucking traitor and a piece of living shit, along with Zuckerberg and the other slew of Clinton swallowers. China’s murderous regime has donated millions to Clinton, Obama, and the Democrat Party over the years. And of course, they finance the majority of Hollywood movie and TV studios.

Hey look, I’m a lovable communist and mass murderer.

News Flash: there is no foodstamp program in China. They actually get up in the morning and go to work, sometimes by force. Not to mention the blockbusters that were voluntarily edited for Chinese audiences, this is a short list of Hollywood movies banned for life in China for no logical reason:

    • the original Star Wars
    • Back to the Future
    • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    • the original Ben-Hur starring Charlton Heston
    • Avatar
    • 2016 remake of Ghostbusters
    • The Da Vinci Code

(Source: Mental Floss)

The last time marijuana based comedy was actually funny was way back in the late 1970’s.

Lazy, talentless comedians always start their set with ” I SMOKE A LOT OF WEED…” ha, ha, ha, clap, clap, clap. Labeling themselves as Potheads is a badge of honor they believe is a shield that stops criticism; it means they are bonafide brain damaged liberals without an act. If you are a fellow pothead, then you may appreciate the total lack of humor.

We throw unfunny Canadian turd and anti-Trump nobody Samantha Bee into this category. This smug shit has found a home on the Jane Fonda Network where she is free to bash the current president without reprisal. She comes from a long line of Daily Show alumni that have to suck donkey dick to stay employed.

Samantha Bee: best candidate for FGM.

ISIS please take her.

Ever wonder why everything on Comedy Central sucks balls? Viacom owns Comedy Central, and liberal Democrat billionaire Sumner Redstone owns all of it. With the help of MTV and CBS, this Antichrist has made violent gangster rap and stoner comedy mainstream.

The promotion of Weed through Comedy is a crutch for untalented nobodys who pretend to be cutting edge by being “political.” George Carlin was the last true pro-Pot thinking-man’s comedian. What we have today is as entertaining as watching turds swim around a Taco Bell toilet.

Hollywood calls them “Cannabis Comedians.” Not a single funny joke or quip has ever been uttered from the following incoherent babblers:

Doug Benson

Pete “I smoke a lot of weed” Davidson

Pete Davidson is the product of a botched abortion.

Mitch Hedberg

Katt Williams, little midget blunt

T.J. Miller never said anything remotely funny

Reggie Watts

Danny McBride

Seth Rogen

Hollywood, TV, and MSM moguls expect loyalty from their liberal minions, even if that means committing career suicide on the Internet. The Chinese government expects these parasites to spout anti-American, anti-Trump propaganda every moment they are away from the movie sets, and in between their child porn and heroin breaks. The latest and greatest example is Kathy Griffin’s ISIS beheading video of the US President. Think of this as an audition video for Harvey Weinstein and Ted Turner. Griffin’s attempt at bolstering her traitorous Hollywood credentials harkens back to the days of “Hanoi” Jane. However, Jane Fonda was good looking enough to stay employed after helping the North Vietnamese shell American positions. Guantanamo prisoners cut their eyes out after watching a vomit inducing Kathy Griffin stand up routine.

There goes Kathy’s career.

Kathy Griffin D-list :“D for dumb bottom feeder.”  Sucking up free cocktails and face-time on prime TV, circa 2010 Celebrity Apprentice.

Somewhere in the Los Angeles cesspool, Griffin learned she could earn a bit part in an upcoming TV special if she proved her loyalty to her communist employers.

Kathy Griffin’s latest publicity stunt is yet another example of what desperate Hollywood trash will do to get the attention of TV producers. In her pea brain, she thought she could boost her likability within Hollywood circles by staging a beheading of the president. Instead she got a visit from the Secret Service and faces the backlash of normal Americans sick of looking at her harsh face.

Did you get the job cunt?

As a result of the ISIS sympathy video, Griffin will no longer flash her disgusting crust on CNN’s  New Year’s Free Abortion extravaganza with Anderson Cooper. Perhaps piece of shit Reza Aslan can fill in by ringing in the 5th Century for his piece of shit religion and his piece of shit bosses at CNN.

Sorry Reza, you can’t cut anybody’s head off this year.

“Stop bullying me.”