Scott Pilgrim, the Revenge of the Mental Midgets

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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From the mind of children, Scott Pilgrim the movie is how out of touch Hollywood sees the teen age world: full of sex, drugs and cartoonish interaction of the ugly Michael Cera as the main character.

Is this the Sorcerer's Apprentice meets Superbad?

Based upon the horrible underground comic Scott Pilgrim, there is no reason why a grown ass man would want to make a movie about a bunch of cartoon kids. However, so called English writer/director Edgar Wright is still a little boy. He wanted to make a movie about a high school twerp fighting seven ex-boy/girl friends of a slutty 17-year old red headed switch hitter. Every one of the characters you see in the trailers, you just want to kill. There is not one saving grace or redeeming quality of any one of the little shits. Wright feels comfortable creating this world and directing a cartoon, as if the lives of sophomoric shitheads are equal to grown up romance.


How many deformed little boys in real life actually get the hot chick? Apparently it is possible in Edgar Wright’s view of the post-pube population.

Edgar Wright took a stab at Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, which wasn’t much of a stretch for a 30 year-old puke right out of directing school. There are movies made for grown ups and there are movies made for fucking stupid people. Edgar Wright’s movies fit the later, and Scott Pilgrim is his Grand Opus. This and movies like them are pure dog shit. That is the reality that should be taught to kids. If you’re vying for the love interest of a 16-year old high school girl who has been screwed by 7 different guys and gals, then you’re a goddamn loser.


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