Frankenstein, U Suck

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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al-frankenstein I-Frankenstein-Poster

I, Frankenstein, starring Al Franken sucks the big green one at the box office. Let’s just call this crapfest yet another vehicle for Bill Nighy to play the uptight supernatural British adversary sharing the stage with yet another overrated American actor. Hollywood thinks skinny old white Anglo Saxon men and their articulate use of the English language are the universal bad guy. Filmed in Australia, this dud is a waste of time even to watch it flush counter-clockwise.


Seen it. Downloaded it for free courtesy of our Russian friends, their shaky cameras and loud movie theaters. Got 10 minutes into it and deleted it. Frankenstein and His Daddy, coming to a bargain bin near you.


Thank you for not smoking.

  1. Rachel kearns says:

    Yep, bill nighy cant act, nervousy twitchy cant look ppl in the eye when acting has he got attention defiecet disorder or something, god awful actor, bad as cocky gerald butler.

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