Southside with You and Bill Ayers

Posted: October 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
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“wanna join the Weather Underground, baby?”

“First Date,” or aptly titled “Uneducated Marxist Failure- the Life and Time of Barry Hussein” has gone through multiple name changes after being tossed about and honed by the ‘Baby Writers’ screen guild. Their job is to produce alternate histories of socialist Democrats by making up fictitious stories and leaving out the bad shit, like they do for Winnie Mandela and Fidel Castro.

Southside with You (2016)  depicts the lush, green south end of Chicago in the 1990’s when Barry and Michelle were dating. Other than the truth, the only thing missing from this Hollywood deptiction of the first couple’s first walk through the Windy City’s parks is the constant gun fire of drive by shootings. No gang banger graffiti or soup kitchen lines. No community organizing and busing felons in to vote. And no mention of Obama’s best friend during this time period, unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers.



Co-starring the late Bernie Mac as the Reverend Jeremiah ‘G.D.’  Wright.

This movie is so sweet and buttery, it reckons back to the endearing Hollywood love story of Winnie and Nelson Mandela, minus their Soviet plots of necklacing, murder, and mayhem that actually took place.



Everything Hollywood tries to tell us about Obama and Neslon Mandela is a crafted lie for the dumbasses out there. That’s what communists do- they LIE about everything so they can size up their support by how many traitors repeat their lies.


Barrack Hussein Obama, Mmm Mmm Mmm

Like the re-re-re-writing of the Mandelas rise to power, how many times over the next 20 years will Hollywood (if it still exists) try to re-write the nonexistent Obama/Michelle love story? How about a Bill and Hillary romp set in the swingin’ 60s? Now that would be some hard R rated shit, with plenty of cigar scenes for Bernardo Bertolucci to sink his teeth into.


Everything about Barrack Obama is fiction. The media, Hollywood, Congress, the Nobel Prize Committee, have all lied to cover up the communist ties of the first half white / half Muslim/ 100% leftist President. Barrack Hussein Obama is a card carrying Socialist. He is a life-time member of the Socialist Party of America and proud of it. Obama could not pass the FBI background check to enter the White House if he were a civilian.

However, thanks to the media and Hollywood donors, Barrack Obama is the most successfully destructive Marxist since the Rosenbergs.


“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”- Barrack Obama June 6, 2009.


The 44th President is a radical anti-American left wing Marxist. He has associated with America haters his entire adult life. He is a con artist who race baits, coddles dictators, and peddles global warming hoaxes. Like a good communist, his goal everyday is to embolden Islamic terrorists, Black Life Matters thugs, and open border anarchists.


All you need to know about Barrack Obama is two things:

Fact: Obama’s childhood mentor was communist party propagandist Frank Marshall Davis. 


Fact:  In 1996 Barry Obama began his bid for the Illinois State Senate in the living room of terrorist William Ayers. Imagine if Ted Cruz annouced his political career in the home of David Duke.


Best buddy Barrack Obama chilling with domestic terrorist / devout communist William Ayers. How many Senators do you know associated with cop killers?


For a true history of Obama’s rise to the presidency, we recommend Dinesh D’souza documentary 2016: Obama’s America.



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