Kevin Spacey’s House of Underage Boys

Posted: November 1, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Netflix officially cancels House of Cards’ 6th season after allegations surfaced about Kevin Spacey trying to screw then 14-year old actor Anthony Rapp back in the 80’s. Spacey responded by coming out the closet for the umpteenth time, as if man-on-boy sex is acceptable to the gay community. No one gives a shit that Spacey is full-blown faggot. Now he faces the wrath of the Beverly Hills Gay Mafia elites in GLADD who don’t condone non-consensual and underage sex. He has crossed swords with the wrong fruitcakes by making them all look like predators.


Imagine how the straight cast of Superman Returns felt being sandwiched between two child molesters.

Tarsed buttholes are panic-stricken and swollen shut now that Tinsel Town has been caught covering up their well-known chi-mo epidemic. Hollywood’s pedophile extravaganza is in full deflection mode with the help of corrupt social media giants and sympathetic child rapists on CNN. On October 30, 2017 Columbia University students showed their true colors during a protest against a Right-Wing speaker. NAMBLA and Antifa would be proud.

Child molesters and the Democrat Party go hand-in-hand.

The majority of gays and switch-hitters in Hollywood are not child molesters. But people in fly over country need to understand what has been going on for decades: several prominent talent agencies have been procuring children for sex, while the Hollywood homosexual community has remained silent. This is identical to the Muslim population not speaking out against radical Islam. Their politics trump common decencies. Rosie O’ Donnell and George Clooney personally know every rapist and pedophile in the business; they’ve zipped their mouths and put their careers above the Law. That’s why they’re such big-hearted Democrat donors.

When Kevin Spacey is on a movie set, he’s trying to fuck every man under 30; when he is off the set he is fucking teen age boys.

Kevin Spacey (who’s net worth is over $100 million) is your typical life-long homosexual Democrat, i.e. he hates America, he hates rednecks, he loves little boys, and he loves Obama. Spacey’s brother blames the pedophillic disorder on their “neo-Nazi” father molesting them. After a stint in rehab, Kevin blames alcohol and the teen age boys underessing themselves and throwing themselves into his bed.

Rapp gets raped, as Hollywood’s pedophilia cover up comes crashing down, like a house of cards.

One rapist to another.


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