The Hollywood liberal is the most narcissistic creature on the planet. They take the easy way out by aligning themselves politically with the Left simply to avoid criticism. They champion the most banal causes of the Democrat party, even those they know absolutely nothing about. They root for society’s losers and promote the worst behavior known to man. The Hollywood liberal cannot take personal judgment; therefore they stand with the socialist scum destroying our country. We all know the Conservative is typically not as outspoken as the bellyaching Left. The Conservative is not prone to attack those they disagree with, unlike the rabid Leftist. The Hollywood elite crumble at the thought of ridicule and disapproval. That’s why they circle themselves with the sorriest pieces of shit in human history (see Jack Black and Russell Brand).

The Conservative believes in a live-and-let-live philosophy and knows there are consequences for every action. Republican actors are impugned for their traditional affiliations, while the Hollywood drug addict is elevated to nobility status.The Hollywood Left preens themselves in the accolades of the brain dead who can’t think one minute to the next. This is why they give themselves awards for doing nothing and celebrate an AIDS infected lifestyle. They play it forward through the drug culture.

Before the devil knows you’re dead, Hollywood will pay you to get really deep into character.


Phillip Seymour Hoffman 1967- 2014 

Hollywood mourns the loss of another heroin addict burn out they helped create. Hoffman, supporting actor in such movies as the 2002 love fest Red Dragon, was found dead last week of an apparent drug overdose. Authorities say enough heroin to kill Mötley Crüe 10,000 times over was found in his New York studio apartment.

psh_red dragon  burn out

Phillip Seymour Hoffman prefers cremation over interment.

Hollywood and the media has spent the last few weeks making Phillip Seymour Hoffman not only a victim, but a hero. The NYPD has been Fast and Furious on the case to find Hoffman’s drug dealers; not so much on matters of national security. No emotional  mention on TMZ of our recently assassinated Libyan ambassador or murdered US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Nary a tear drop by the Hollywood elites for true American heroes, yet they have lined up in droves to give their condolences to a fucking drug addict.

Mimi O'Donnell and Willa Hoffman watches at Philip Seymour Hoffman's casket gets carried by pallbearers to the St. Ignatius Loyola Church in NYC        red dragon_south park

Nothing like some good ol’ torture porn to whet Hollywood’s appetite for destruction. They even target little kids with marketing schemes containing adult innuendo, starring those who attend the funerals of fucking drug addicts. Wonder who will be on the Hollywood All Stars A-List at the Jack Black cremation? Who will hire Russell Brand to voice over another child’s movie? Do they get paid in smack or do they just give it to them for showing up?


Silence of the Legos

Hollywood’s latest incantation, The Lego Movie (2014)  further attempts to destroy yet another precious childhood commodity: Innocence. With voice overs of several Hollywood rejects, this Toy-Come-To-Life is advertised as “not just for kids.” (Courtesy NPR) According to the Hollywood Reporter , this “family movie” beat the George Clooney liberal montage ‘The Monuments Men‘ and the rehashed teenage ‘Vampire Academy.’


The Legos cast includes Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson and of course the wise old orangutan sage Morgan Freeman.


The Legos: Return to Benghazi (2015?)


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