Chinese censors write American movies

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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China dictates what Hollywood distributes, not only in mainland China but around the world. All films released in China go through pre-approval processes. Not only are foreign filmmakers required to self-censor, but thanks to the Ratzenberg-Katenzberg-Spielberg communist lovers in Hollywood, the censor process has been streamlined to include Chinese designees during the screenwriting process. (Source: Reuters)
The communist gov’t gets 75% of box office revenues in China; what is not widely reported is that the money to make ‘American’ movies often comes directly from China. The Red Menace is one of the largest movie hedge fund managers for the Hollywood drug addicts.

The Chinese version of Iron Man 3 has over 4 minutes of added communist friendly content.

For worldwide release, studios edit movies per their communist masters, change story lines for China specific content, invent Chinese characters, and rewrite entire storyboards not appealing the Chinese censors, including removing the American flag in every single scene. (Source: Daily UK) Look no further for the post-production nightmare that was the 2010 Red Dawn  reboot , finally released in 2012, and spent more time in the communist cutting room than actually in the field film shooting.  Iron Man 3 includes “specifically prepared bonus footage” that deletes references to America and adds meaningless Chinese doctors. The entire World War Z  film included four screenwriters and was stalled for worldwide release for over 2 years because of one reference involving zombies originating in China. American movie studios report they are simply “afraid” of Chinese censors, not that they are making movies in lock step with their communist brethren.
Communists making movies for communists. In the Iron Man 3 example, screenwriters changed the entire character of the Mandarin to make it past the Chinese censors. [SPOILER] Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin was never an actual terrorist; it was the evil corporatey white guy arms dealer corporation behind the terrorist attacks. Hollywood movie making these days is a means to promote their political agendas. At best it is just a money grabbing scheme with zero creativity behind it.  At worst it is deliberately seditious. Hollywood studios willingly allow the Communist Gov’t of China to dictate their movie content because Hollywood movie producers are themselves card carrying Communist Socialists. Make no mistake about it.

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