Franklin and bash Bill Maher’s face in

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Bill Maher used to be funny in the 1980’s Politically Incorrect. Now he is just as unfunny as the  c*nt licking Hollywood dykes who watch his HBO show and child sodomy purveyors who follow his TWEETS.

If Sarah Palin took a dump, and that fecal matter had an abortion, and Sarah Silverman stopped by and ate that aborted turd and took another red hot hockey— and Rip Taylor had a Hollywood wedding ceremony and married that thrice Shatnered and miscarried piece of crap— their AIDS infected butt baby’s expulsions intravenously into Amy Winehouse would have more value to society than Bill Maher.

We kept out hope for him when he join Mark-Paul Gosselaar on an actual TNT law drama/comedy. Our hopes would be dashed if he acted like a spoiled little drunken dickwad and thoroughly shat on the entire legal profession.


You see, while the rock-n-boll band Great White has killed more people than actual great whites, they set the entire set on fire with talent. Fans left rolling in the streets, screaming for more.


Great White didn’t rely on sprinkler systems or HBO specials. They didn’t rely on computer generated bullsh*t or out-of-touch story lines of rich pricks who have no work ethic, but skate through life like an Owen Wilson suicide watch.



“Can somebody pull this giant cat out of my ass?”


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