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Critics pan Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (2007) as being “too male” and “too white.” Dunkirk simply doesn’t fit the token Blaxploitation narrative constantly shoved down our throats (see Samuel L. Jackson). Hollywood mudsharks are hellbent on peddling cheap ghetto-babble and gutter-speak as intellectual entertainment. They are triggered by movies that are historically accurate. We know what they want to you to see.

Star Wars fans, here it is. You waited 10 years for it.

There’s a reason Saturday Night Live is unwatchable.


Did this really happen?

iron age

Keepin’ shit historically accurate fo’ reels, like all the Africans who signed the Magna Carta. 

Muthafuka shit that is some brilliant acting.

Yo logic be flawless and shit.

Now dat be some science fiction, goddamn.

Liberal Hollywood movie critics like Marie Claire’s Mehera Bonner blast Nolan’s Dunkirk for not making up shit about the Somalia pirates who rescued the beleaguered Allied Forces with the help of the Chinese Navy, or some other stupid shit.

The little bitches complain that there aren’t any black people or women depicted in the WWII movie, even though none were present during the Belguim excavation. And they don’t give a shit about women, they just throw gender into their take down of Western Civilization.

Tons of thousands of more troops have poured into England during the night, after heroically fighting their way out of Northern France and Belgium. French troops with the dog they rescued, seen during a halt at a wayside station on June 24, 1940. A large number of dogs have been brought over by the gallant Allied soldiers. (AP Photo)

Suprisingly Marie Claire and the other slew of Islamophile publications didn’t slam Dunkirk for not having enough dogs portrayed in the movie either.

Then again Marie Claire is a feminist’s guide to burka wearing and publishes makeup tips for Muslim women who get beat by their husbands.

Reality in predominantly Islamic countries.




Concentration camps brought to you by the Socialist Democrat Party and George Soros.

The irony is that Hollywood is loaded with communist Israel-hating Jews. There is no humor in the empty Socialist mind; wannabe unfunny fucks like Judd Apatow would rather drag down America through vulgarity and dullness. Look no further than the slew of his fake “comedy” turds squeezed out over the years and starring the regular Screwie Jewie crowd. Not a single mitochondiral stand of actual humor in any of them. They just take up air and space.


Yet another disgusting Hillary lover.

You know the litany of rehashed Apatwat movies with fucking slobs like dope smoker Seth Rogen and the pig-faced Amy Schumer. They are all unfunny, untalented, ugly as fuck, and equally worthless. They make their living making ‘rape jokes’ and being degenerates, then hang out with each other during their pet Liberal Causes and publicly castigate those who don’t listen to their horseshit.


Another subhuman responsible for regurgitated dogcrap sprinkled with Democrat talking points. 

Democrat donors and fuckheads like Apatow are up in arms that the Chinese money they laundered through the Hillary Clinton Campaign did not make it back to their Malibu bank accounts. They played by the rules dictated by the major movie studios and lost more millions in political contributions than they did on their box office disasters. They thought they could just make shitty movies and bad mouth Republicans with little effort, China would bankroll them.


The Hollywood Shit Merchants can make millions by doing absolutely nothing.

The Walk of Shame could lambast these unfunny pieces of shit, but they do enough damage to themselves. They are paid to bring society to a base level in order to dumb consumers down to the point they will watch anything.  They make even more money with the Chinese run movie studios if they are willing to sell out America and shit on conservatives at every opportunity. Hence the daily Tweets and Twitters from these communist traitors against a free and democratic Israel and USA.



Has Sarah Silverman ever contributed anything to humankind?




If you pretend to be a Democrat, then you can get away with sending dick pics to teenage girls.


Future Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz roommate and pedophile with National Security clearance, thanks to the likes of all the above.


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Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah, the biggest South African sensation since AIDS, plays it cool with the white liberal millennial crowd.

The award for Best Ghettobabble goes to… the guys with the fake college degrees who can’t spell.

poses in the press room during the 87th Annual Academy Awards at Loews Hollywood Hotel on February 22, 2015 in Hollywood, California.  john-legend-dont-shoot-ap

You’ll never see these lazy dumbshits on Celebrity Apprentice or Jeopardy

When garbage is high demand, you too can rake in big bucks supporting Democrats.  Hollywood calls upon their minions to spread their Cop Hating narrative during each election cycle. John Stephens, aka John Legend-in-his-own-Peanut, is one of these bottom feeders propped up with fake “honorary” degrees from a know-nothing University. The liberal media give him passing mention with entertainers who are true Ivy League graduates. Two chords on the piano and some rapping shit- and you got a Top 40 R&B Hit you can perform at the White House.

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Pea brain syndrome is hereditary for the F2 generation

No one in the media questions Johnny Boy’s or his kid’s cogential microcephaly. In fact the Fake News lauds the shit the same way they retweet warm and fuzzies of mental midget Patton Oswalt after a direct assault on Republican lawmakers. John Legend is not an entertainer; the beady-eyed little fuck works entirely for the Washington DC Democrats. A person with the mental capacity of a 10-year old is a paid DNC spokesperson to rally the millions of uneducated zoo animals who fall in line with the false Democrat narrative. Shit throwers include white scooter trash, George Lopez, and worthless welfare recipients on free Obama phones.

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