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Critics pan Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (2007) as being “too male” and “too white.” Dunkirk simply doesn’t fit the token Blaxploitation narrative constantly shoved down our throats (see Samuel L. Jackson). Hollywood mudsharks are hellbent on peddling cheap ghetto-babble and gutter-speak as intellectual entertainment. They are triggered by movies that are historically accurate. We know what they want to you to see.

Star Wars fans, here it is. You waited 10 years for it.

There’s a reason Saturday Night Live is unwatchable.


Did this really happen?

iron age

Keepin’ shit historically accurate fo’ reels, like all the Africans who signed the Magna Carta. 

Muthafuka shit that is some brilliant acting.

Yo logic be flawless and shit.

Now dat be some science fiction, goddamn.

Liberal Hollywood movie critics like Marie Claire’s Mehera Bonner blast Nolan’s Dunkirk for not making up shit about the Somalia pirates who rescued the beleaguered Allied Forces with the help of the Chinese Navy, or some other stupid shit.

The little bitches complain that there aren’t any black people or women depicted in the WWII movie, even though none were present during the Belguim excavation. And they don’t give a shit about women, they just throw gender into their take down of Western Civilization.

Tons of thousands of more troops have poured into England during the night, after heroically fighting their way out of Northern France and Belgium. French troops with the dog they rescued, seen during a halt at a wayside station on June 24, 1940. A large number of dogs have been brought over by the gallant Allied soldiers. (AP Photo)

Suprisingly Marie Claire and the other slew of Islamophile publications didn’t slam Dunkirk for not having enough dogs portrayed in the movie either.

Then again Marie Claire is a feminist’s guide to burka wearing and publishes makeup tips for Muslim women who get beat by their husbands.

Reality in predominantly Islamic countries.




Hollywood’s version of the Supreme Being.

necklace Mandela-terrorist-Church-Street-bomb-Pretoria-he-signed-off

It’s a long way to the top when you wanna drop and roll.

Hollywood loves communists, especially black ones. For the umpteenth time in recent history, the Gay Socialist Drug Mafia California Chapter tries to rewrite the legacy of South Africa’s imprisoned communist leader Nelson Mandela in an uneducated fluff piece called Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013). The actual history of Mandela’s and his thugs murder and mayhem, and the reason he refused to denounce terrorism and stayed in prison for nearly 3 decades AGAIN didn’t make it on the cutting floor. His wife Winnie, who the Left call “the mother of South Africa,” personally supervised the “murder, torture, abduction and assault of numerous men, women and children, as well is indirectly responsible for even larger number of such crimes.”  (Source: Wikipedia)


Some believe Nelson Mandela deserved to go to prison.

Smooth talking British actor Idris Alba, who looks and sounds nothing like the former illiterate South African figurehead, takes the helm of this slow clunker and crashes it into Cape Town rocks. Hollywood thinks any well-spoken black actor can brainwash enough young skulls full of mush to avoid any research on South Africa under Mandela’s Communist Party.

morgan mandela

Morgan Freeman mistaken again for the messiah. (Courtesy: Huffington Post)

Read your history. Get your facts. Hollywood lies. They have a 70 year love affair with murderous anti-American communist dictators. Sure, black Africans were treated bad under South African apartheid. For decades black natives were oppressed; what resulted was a bloody communist uprising inspired by participants  Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Lying communist traitors in Hollywood never make a movie depicting the real actions of the Mandelas. They gloss over the NECKLACING of their political enemies with sweet American actors in fictitious stories of romance.

Winnie-Mandela movie   necklace-killing-winnie-mandela

Awww Shucks! Ain’t that precious?


Nelson Mandela: How to be a Good Communist. 

Other stories of the murderous duo are equally sugar coated and chocked full of so much lying shit, we’d run out of bandwidth referencing it. Seems no one but the Internet, Wikipedia, and reality have the balls to take on the Left’s favorite African icon. Hollywood’s mission is to hide the truth about exactly who the thug Nelson Mandela was. Mandela was a communist revolutionary until he was groomed by his handlers in prison to ride out his sentence on the American left’s donations. Hollywood, the Soviet Union, Yasir Arafat, and Fidel Castro bankrolled Mandela before and after he went to prison for being a traitor.  Shame on you again Hollywood. Shame on you. Stop trying to justify murdering people because you disagree with them. This movie gets 4 stink bombs, 2 dirty diapers, and a Golden Steaming Loaf.

church street bombing                 winnie-mandela  

Modern day South Africa, courtesy Nelson and Winnie Mandela.

WinnieNelsonMandela1990      commies for life

Can’t wait for the sequel “Mandela: Up in Smoke.”