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Critics pan Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (2007) as being “too male” and “too white.” Dunkirk simply doesn’t fit the token Blaxploitation narrative constantly shoved down our throats (see Samuel L. Jackson). Hollywood mudsharks are hellbent on peddling cheap ghetto-babble and gutter-speak as intellectual entertainment. They are triggered by movies that are historically accurate. We know what they want to you to see.

Star Wars fans, here it is. You waited 10 years for it.

There’s a reason Saturday Night Live is unwatchable.


Did this really happen?

iron age

Keepin’ shit historically accurate fo’ reels, like all the Africans who signed the Magna Carta. 

Muthafuka shit that is some brilliant acting.

Yo logic be flawless and shit.

Now dat be some science fiction, goddamn.

Liberal Hollywood movie critics like Marie Claire’s Mehera Bonner blast Nolan’s Dunkirk for not making up shit about the Somalia pirates who rescued the beleaguered Allied Forces with the help of the Chinese Navy, or some other stupid shit.

The little bitches complain that there aren’t any black people or women depicted in the WWII movie, even though none were present during the Belguim excavation. And they don’t give a shit about women, they just throw gender into their take down of Western Civilization.

Tons of thousands of more troops have poured into England during the night, after heroically fighting their way out of Northern France and Belgium. French troops with the dog they rescued, seen during a halt at a wayside station on June 24, 1940. A large number of dogs have been brought over by the gallant Allied soldiers. (AP Photo)

Suprisingly Marie Claire and the other slew of Islamophile publications didn’t slam Dunkirk for not having enough dogs portrayed in the movie either.

Then again Marie Claire is a feminist’s guide to burka wearing and publishes makeup tips for Muslim women who get beat by their husbands.

Reality in predominantly Islamic countries.



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Scared of hearing the English language butchered on the big screen?…


The all female cast remake of the 2016 flop Ghostbusters, paying homage to the comedic supernatural anthology. If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

gorilla_lip stick

What can you say? This colossal waste has everything desirable to the mindless Hollywood feces tossers, that is no original thought process during screen writing, rehashed garbage sprinkled with hyper-liberal babble, arch-stereotypes, and lesbo supremacy. All the original baddies are back in CGI, coupled with dildo stiff/ slap stick courtesy of the SNL alumni and a round of D-List cameos, including a reprisal of Tracy from the original 1975 TV series. With a reported $154 million budget spent on the reboot, the movie drew only $45 million on opening weekend. (Source: Deadline)





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