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Hollywood, TV, and MSM moguls expect loyalty from their liberal minions, even if that means committing career suicide on the Internet. The Chinese government expects these parasites to spout anti-American, anti-Trump propaganda every moment they are away from the movie sets, and in between their child porn and heroin breaks. The latest and greatest example is Kathy Griffin’s ISIS beheading video of the US President. Think of this as an audition video for Harvey Weinstein and Ted Turner. Griffin’s attempt at bolstering her traitorous Hollywood credentials harkens back to the days of “Hanoi” Jane. However, Jane Fonda was good looking enough to stay employed after helping the North Vietnamese shell American positions. Guantanamo prisoners cut their eyes out after watching a vomit inducing Kathy Griffin stand up routine.

There goes Kathy’s career.

Kathy Griffin D-list :“D for dumb bottom feeder.”  Sucking up free cocktails and face-time on prime TV, circa 2010 Celebrity Apprentice.

Somewhere in the Los Angeles cesspool, Griffin learned she could earn a bit part in an upcoming TV special if she proved her loyalty to her communist employers.

Kathy Griffin’s latest publicity stunt is yet another example of what desperate Hollywood trash will do to get the attention of TV producers. In her pea brain, she thought she could boost her likability within Hollywood circles by staging a beheading of the president. Instead she got a visit from the Secret Service and faces the backlash of normal Americans sick of looking at her harsh face.

Did you get the job cunt?

As a result of the ISIS sympathy video, Griffin will no longer flash her disgusting crust on CNN’s  New Year’s Free Abortion extravaganza with Anderson Cooper. Perhaps piece of shit Reza Aslan can fill in by ringing in the 5th Century for his piece of shit religion and his piece of shit bosses at CNN.

Sorry Reza, you can’t cut anybody’s head off this year.

“Stop bullying me.”




Hollyweird is still reeling after the Democrats got their asses handed to them after a billion dollar smear campaign against populist Donald Trump. Pedophiles, drug addicts, weak minded cock suckers, and communist Jews all joined together to blame their collective failure on the Russian hacking of Hillary’s illegal email server.


Communist traitors each and every one, dependent on the Chinese Politburo for their income. They spend taxfree Clinton Foundation donations on Public Service Announcements in an attempt to brainwash the masses that Hillary should be coronated after losing the election in a landslide. They hate America. They hate the average working class family with a passion. Nothing would please these specs of human trash more than a band of dirty jihadists they let into this country hijacking a school bus, and cutting the throats of little middle class kids. They know they could go on CNN immediately afterwards and blame a Republican somewhere. Socialism, drugs, and sexual deviancy is their religion. Just look in their eyes. They want you dead.


Former heroin addicts and criminals like Robert Downey and Sam Jackson failed to sway their fans to ‘Dump Trump,’ despite spending millions they made on their shitty movies and giving it to Crooked Hillary. Fact is, nobody believes them. They’re liars. They’re worthless. Some are even subhuman. They deserve to eat the shit that comes out their talentless mouths.

robert-downey-jr shia-labeouf-mugshot


Get your political advice from a criminal.

Valtrex spokeswoman Scarlett Johansson spread her legs for Derek Jeter and her STDS like a filthy baboon, giving her top billing in Hollywood’s most recent box office disasters. Should America listen to a lifelong Herpes carrier for political advice, that is anyone other than Bill Maher?


These people are not even mildly entertaining or remotely intelligent. There is no reason to coexist with them. They are the genital warts of society.


The Hillary campaign just plain sucked, just like 90% of the shit they all pump out to dumb down America to meet their socialist masters’ ends. They all answer to the studios, and like Hillary, the studios all answer to communist China.


Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice was on NBC prime time for 14 years. No mention of  “racism” of “sexism” for a decade and a half. These Hollywood parasites sucked his pink ass when he kept them on the air, in circulation, and in relevancy. Without Trump, there would be no West Wing and no Fake Nightly News on the Nothing But Clinton network.


Meanwhile after being cancelled the umpteenth time, an aging Chelsea Handler spreads her sour snatch for any and every crack dealer to stay on TV. Even the brothers are tired of tappin’ dat stupid ass. Her future husbands can recogize the soup can that used to be her butthole.


“Out of Work…will screw for 50 Cents…bring own condoms”

chelsea-handler-tweet-50 50-cent-mug