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Fake education, courtesy the Democrat Party.

Bill Nye is an uneducated Marxist from liberal bastion Cornell University. His religion is a marketed combo of pure ignorance and communist globalism. His Bible is the hoax known as “climate change.” Bill Nye preaches population control, carbon taxes, and prosecuting global warming skeptics. The fact is there is no scientific evidence to back his wild weather claims. You’re just supposed to accept the horse manure he and his government masters’ spread. And horse manure creates methane that contributes to global warming…

The government can’t control the weather.

In fact, Bill Nye wants the government to tax drinking water and the very air we breath. He justifies it by pretending to be smarter than those who disagree with him, while wearing a little lab coat, bow tie, and backing up his psuedo-science with smirks and cheesy special effects.

After fading into obscurity in the late 1990’s, Nye was recruited by the environmental chapter of the Democrat party to spread communist propaganda. Nye is just another fake media shill shoved down our throats by the liberal corporate media elite. Fortunately, he is too stupid to convince anyone other than those dumber than himself.

Taxes can’t control the weather. Neither can Hollywood.

Another Communist TV icon for the 1990’s: Free government money! It’s Free! It’s Free! It’s Free! – just don’t get shot before you can spend it.

Netflix is trying to save the floundering “Bill Nye the Butt Plug Guy’s” latest mechination of false narratives. Nye now claims heavy rains and flooding are caused by man-made global warming. He preaches the one-child-per-family doctrine for Western Civilization, while ignoring the overpopulation of Mexico, India, China, and other 3rd World cesspools.

Bill Nye is going to save the world by taking away your car and your air conditioner. And drowning your second child.

Obama says the oceans be warming up.

Bill Nye blames the seasons of the year and normal weather events on technologically advanced civilizations, i.e. capitalism, while ignoring the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. Al Gore and he share the propaganda technique of equating climate change with government taxation. They are dyed-in-the-wool Maoists who follow the Chi-Com doctrine of government control over every aspect of your life. They want to convince you to give up your rights to the State. Plus they’re royal arrogant assholes who’ve brainwashed themselves into believing their own fucking lies. They aren’t just con-artists; they are practicing Marxists who worship at the alter of Chairman MaoTse-dung. Hollywood and the liberal lame stream media promote their inversion of reality.

Every word that comes out of Al Gore’s mouth is a lie directly from the Little Red Book of Mao.

Cocksuckers like Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev co-op the “environmental bowel movement” to promote a global Marxist agenda of State control. The Chinese and North Koreans brainwash their citizens that the Great Central Government can actually control the weather; Hollywood laps it up with man-made disaster movies blaming capitalism.

Want to save the planet? Start by not voting for a Democrat.

Politicians promote fake science and fake education with their media mouthpieces, such as Afro-physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and mental midget John Legend, both the recipient of worthless college degrees, given to them by the government. Their jobs are to act more intelligent than climate control critics by pretending to actually have an education. Which they do not. It’s all fake. Bill Nye couldn’t pour piss out of a boot; Tyson couldn’t crank a lawnmower, and like Obama neither have ever seen a day’s worth of actual work.

As long as you sound like a communist, morons will pay you just for showing up and you never have to show them your college transcripts. BOOYAH!

I be smart. I can read what Obama wrote me.

Rhymes with diaper change.

Hollywood icon 17-year old (portrayed in the media as a 12-year old) Trayvon Martin received a similar fake degree posthumously immediately after book deals and movie plots were leaked from the Weinstein Co. and Jay Z. Al Gore’s sequel “An Incontinent Truth: Chapter 2” is also in the works.

Question: Would the little criminal be eligible for a PhD from Old F.U. if he were shot 3 times? – Source: CNN

Coming Soon! The Real Story of Trayvon, shot in 3D Imax and Thug 911 Vision ©


Which one will get the Oscar?

“Life is like a box of chocolates, and Aah can’t feel my balls…”



The verdict is in after a huge weekend box office reality check AND a lesson Hollywood never seems to learn:

Appealing to 12% of the population of which only .002% enjoys science fiction movies without Sam Jackson or Morgan Freeman spells “D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.”

Secondly, Will Smith’s kids can’t act for shit. They belong in Burger King commercials, preferably not speaking.

1108146 - After Earth

“daddy, I smell white people…”

In true to form total fickleness, Hollywood pulls the plug on their once beloved CGI crap fest After Earth after watching it deservedly bomb on its debut weekend. “Apter Earf” features an arrogant younger Will Smith played by his corn-rolled son from the future. The Wall Street Journal  even calls this version of Muddy Earth as “the worst movie ever made.” We don’t have to see the movie to agree. The hype created by false critics trying to promote the garbage gave it away weeks before it premiered. Why not cast Delroy “Leroy” Lindo in the shit and watch/listen to him spit/sputter/pause on forgotten lines/ act all uppity — then let a big CGI lizard eat him.  (Footnote, Delroy Lindo has to be tied with Ving Rhames as the dumbest actor in Hollywood now that Bernie Mac and Michael Clark Duncan are dead. Meaning— these tokens are STOOOPID…)


President Bebo, leader of the universe.

When Hollywood uses stupid actors in intelligence based movies and appeal to the absolute dumbest ticket holder, they assume that the low brow consumers out there actually watch high brow entertainment. In essence Hollywood is rubbing its politics in our faces, telling us “this is what the world should look like, even if we have to make-believe.” Hence they elect empty suits and idiots into the White House and as their Congressional representatives to create their mental Utopia. Ever notice that movies more closely associated with actual history and current events are usually better than the straight out liberal fantasy world of equal opportunity socialism? Hollywood always has to sprinkle some out of place character into the story line in hopes one random minority may fork over some Obama bucks.

C’mon M. Night Shyamalan!~ Bakkka Lakka Dirka’ Dirka’~Don’t tell us you have let Hollywood completely brainwash you into thinking that if you appealed to the smallest movie audience group on the planet (intellectual black folks) that you would get your reported  $130 million back you spent rolling this dog shit together. Did you think if you sprinkled in some Al Gore inconvenient and incontinent global warming into the story you would make a big splash with the die hard Sci-Fi crowd? Just because J.J. Abrams has expanded the idiot market to include every shit-for-brains on the planet, you thought you could narrow it? This movie sucking is as plain as the big bulbous nose on J.J. Abrams money grubbin’ face. We always thought you were smarter than that and gave you a second chance after “The Last Fart Bender.” What happened this time? Could Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum save the Earth like they did in Independence Day with a bootleg copy of Windows 95?


If we wanted to see monkeys flying around, we’d go watch the Wizard of Oz. Got it yet?