Fake media inspires Leftist terrorist attacks on GOP

“It’s time to destroy Trump & Co.” – gunman James Hodgkinson, card-carrying Socialist, Bernie Sanders campaigner, and Rachel Maddow fan.

99.9% of gun crimes are committed by Democrats, that’s why liberals always blame the 2nd Amendment, the NRA, the gun itself, the bullets, manufacturers, lawful firearm owners, Veterans, and Republican lawmakers. 

Registered Democrats vote for the biggest liars and traitors that crawl out from under a rock; the more stupid and arrogant, why the bigger the spotlight and the higher up the DC food chain you’ll find these maggots  [see Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign].

John Podesta, Clinton campaign manager and Spirit Cooker, purveyor of the grotesque.

White trash Democrat failure James Hodgkinson, armed with a SK semi-auto rifle and a handgun, was living in his van for months scoping out Alexandria, VA hotspots for Republicans to assassinate and checking off his Hit List of prominent GOP Congressmen. [Source: Daily Caller] Their names, whereabouts, and security detail were published by the New York Times. Hodgkinson got the entirety of his marching orders from the usual suspects in the lying liberal media and Demochimp Party.

The best the Democrat Party has to offer, i.e. the most useless and lowest forms of human life on the planet.

All day, every day, Congressional Democrats and the liberal media instruct their brain-dead followers to murder Republicans and conservative supporters. Democrats never inspire their own kooky base to get a good paying job or learn how to take care of themselves. Instead Democrats far and wide spew calculated lies and disinformation to gin up class warfare and resentment against those they steal from. Marxists at every level of the media spread the false propaganda.

CNN and MSNBC waving their Socialist banner recruits suicide killers as easily as ISIS. Their goals are the same as Barrack Obama’s and Bill Ayers: radicalizing the Left to usher in a Communist Revolution. They prey on the weak-minded and underclass while placing themselves outside the chaos they promote. They are anti-Middle Class, anti-taxpayer, anti-cop, anti-family, and anti-human.

Democrats constantly attack wage earners and those who keep this country working. The tapeworms have no respect for the hosts who feed them. White trash and Black Lives Matter thugs who can’t hold down a job are easily radicalized into the Democrats’ jihad against America. When Democrats successfully assassinate political opponents, the left blames the gun and law-abiding gun owners.

Mass murderers get all their talking points from MSNBC.

“Republicans, Ha! Run along back to work, millions on welfare are tuning in.”

All Leftist in the media and in Washington follow the Saul Alinsky method of divide and conquer: balkanized the lay population to the point of Civil War, then move in with government forces and take over everyone’s life. Bernie Sanders supporters are too stupid to realize that once all the money in the country is confiscated by the federal government, they will be starving in the streets like the revolutionaries in Venezuela. They are brainwashed enough to be thrilled to watch their neighbors’ property be turned over to the State.

Notice media activists and other Hollywood leftists never publicly condemn the way women and gays are treated under Islamic terror.

Just for being gay, Rachel Maddow could be tossed off a building in a matter of minutes of setting foot in one of the Muslim countries she thinks is better than the homo-friendly USA. She continues to repeat communist propaganda that Slave Seller Obama has for 8 years to usher in millions of jihadis and anarchists as potential Democrat voters. In other words, they would rather have their throats cuts by Somalia pirates than to have a conservative representative in Congress.

Wikipedia: Saul Alinsky “Community Organizer” along with Barrack Hussein Obama “Community Organizer”

“Let’s take away the work requirements for welfare recipients, that way they have more time and energy to protest and tear up shit.”

Disciples of Frank Marshall Davis and Alinsky, like those in leadership positions in the Democratic Party, aren’t capable of creating jobs that would in turn create a robust tax base for their precious government to squander. They only know how to attack political opponents and crash the US economy. Their rhetoric fulminates into cop killing anarchy, which is basically their religion. Nobody loves Communist dictatorships more than Obama and your run of the mill Democrat.

Obama and friends Cuban photo-op circa 2016

Democrats hate America and have now become a terrorist organization, i.e. another wing of Bill Ayer’s Weather Underground paid for by the taxpayers. They want blood on the streets.